Jay Banks Sucks Off Hairy Dreamboat Eric Hassan

jay banks and eric hassan

jay banks and eric hassan at TIM Suck

Eric Hassan is the kind of a man cocksucker dream of blowing, well, at least I do. He’s a handsome daddy with a full, dark beard and he loves kissing. When this TIM Suck scene opens, Eric and Jay Banks are necking and they only stop to remove their clothing, everything but their underwear, then they flop on the bed. Hassan’s body is covered in black hair; his armpits are dark, bushy, and inviting. Jay is leaner, heavily freckled, and bearded, and he goes to work on Eric’s cock, stiffening it with both his mouth and his hand.

For the first part of the video Eric is content to lie back and get serviced. But once his dick is rock hard and his balls are tight and aching, he kneels over Jay and feeds the cocksucker his thick dick. Eric loves Jay’s mouth and he can’t stop grinning. “Go on … suck it,” he pants. Sensing he’s not going to last much longer, Eric settles back on the bed and Jay lays his head across Eric’s furry belly. Hassan strokes his bone with intention and Jay opens his mouth, but it’s a futile gesture because most of Eric’s jizz surges through the air and plasters Jay’s face.

Watch Eric Blast Streaks of Cum Across Jay’s Face

jay banks and eric hassan at TIM Suck

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