Keaton Pierce Gets His Meaty Cock Serviced

shane blowing keaton pierce

shane blows keaton pierce at tim suck

Keaton Pierce is one of those guys I’d follow around a bath house until he finally stopped and let me drop to my knees. He’s a good-looking guy and he’s heavily tattooed (which I don’t mind) with sleeves on ink on both arms and more tattoos on his legs. He’s got ear spacers and a nose ring, which I like a lot. And when Shane kneels, he finds that Keaton has a sizable piece of meat. TIM Suck calls Keaton “horse hung,” and I while wouldn’t go that far, he does have a delicious fatty. Keaton’s all got about nine piercings in his nut sack (a guiche or scrotal ladder), and while I’m not a huge fan of genital jewelry, you take the good with the bad, and the rest of Keaton is pretty fucking good. I wouldn’t say no.

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