Guys Getting Side-by-Side Head

cocksucker stroking a guy off

straight guys norco and steklar getting head

I have always thought it be fun to run a porn site, and if I did, I’d be sucking off a never-ending parade of guys like Rob does at Military Classified does. (Well, he does a lot more than that, but that’s generally how he gets them started.) I love sucking dick and I like a variety of types of guys, so a dude doesn’t have to be gorgeous or have a rock-hard body for me to feel like getting on my knees. And I really don’t care if they’re gay, straight, or something else. Norco and Steklar are pretty representative of the military and civilian guys on the site who range from slim or athletic bodies to more defined or built physiques.

Norco is the skinny dude with the 9-inch cock and he’s sitting on the bed with Steklar and cocksucker Rob is going back and forth between the two. He blows one while stroking the other’s tool, then he switches. What I love best about this scene is how Norco and Steklar sneak darting glances of each other’s cock. Norco was particularly interested in watching Steklar cum in Rob’s hand.

Watch Norco and Steklar Blow their Wads for Rob

straight guys norco and steklar getting head

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