Is Griffin the King of Cocksuckers?

colby face fucks griffin

griffin sucks colby's 10-inch cock

Griffin sucked three monster cocks during Chaos Men‘s “Monster Cock Week” last November, so it was a no brainer that site owner Bryan Ockert would get Griffin to do Colby’s first servicing video. The bald dude swings somewhere between nine-and-a-half and 10 inches, he says he doesn’t know for sure. Right. So down on his knees, Griffin takes his first few swallows, then buries his nose in Colby’s pubes and the stud pumps Griffin’s throat a couple of times. “I bet you spread those girls out,” Griffin says softly. Way to put a straight guy at ease, Griffin.

It’s hard not to be impressed with Griffin’s cock-sucking skills, even though Colby never gets rock hard (monster dicks rarely do) 10 inches is still a lot of meat to pack down your throat. But when Griffin hangs his head over the arm of the couch, I’m gobsmacked. Colby lowers his heavy-hanging cock into Griffin’s mouth and pumps it right down his throat. He face fucks Griffin until he’s ready to blow, then he squirts his load in the cocksucker’s gaping mouth. Nice one!

Watch Griffin Deep Throating Colby’s 10-Inch Cock

griffin sucks colby's 10-inch cock

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