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Elder Miller’s Initiation into The Brethren

muscled mormon lad gets a blowjob

mormon lad gets a blowjob

Before being admitted into The Brethren, Elder Miller has to undergo his initiation ceremony where President Wilcox washes and anoints his body. Like many before him, Miller steps into a large basin wearing a loose garment over his shoulders. Elder Peterson has already had his an anointing, so he knows what’s going to happen to his buddy; Peterson hides behind the curtains and watches as the president sensually massages Miller’s smooth, ripped body. When Wilcox kneels and takes Miller’s stiff dick in his mouth, Peterson grabs his own hard-on and jerks silently behind the sheer drapes — he’s so turned on by Miller’s groans. Miller’s final gasps of ecstasy send Peterson over the edge and the two lads cum within seconds of each other, Miller on the president’s face and Peterson on the floor between his legs.

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mormon lad gets a blowjob

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