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Ripped & Bearded Military Stud Quentin

sexy military stud quentin

quentin with his hairy armpit

Quentin is one sexy soldier. Look at the beard on him! Apparently he grew this in a week during his leave. He’s 21 years old, stands 5’11” and weighs a lean and ripped 170 pounds. He sits back against the bed’s headboard with his big bare feet stretched in front of him, and after talking to the Active Duty producer for a couple of minutes, he pulls off his shirt and rubs his carved pecs and six-pack. His shorts come off, then he pulls down his boxers and his dick is already bone hard. It’s perfectly shaped: his shaft is on the thick side with a prominent and swollen corpus spongiosum ascending to his plump, olive-shaped head. He’s packing a big pair of egg-sized nuts too. He does some deep stroking, kneels and gives us a look at his tight hole before he humps the pillow. Then he settles back and unloads his bloated balls across his washboard.

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