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“It’s Not a Bad Way to Die.”

dirk caber and connor maguire

dirk caber and connor maguire

Connor Maguire has been having an affair with older man Dirk Caber, who also happens to be his mother’s friend of 20 years. This is the third episode of Forbidden Encouters at Icon Male, and as most of director Nica Noelle’s films do, this series explores relationships that cross a line. After a marathon fuck session, Connor and Dirk are sleeping in and Connor stirs first. As they snuggle Connor says, “I wish I could do this more often.” Dirk chuckles, “You’d probably kill me.” Connor is twenty years Dirk’s junior and still has the boundless sexual energy of a young man in his prime. “Not a bad way to die,” Connor says with a smirk.

It’s such a pleasure watching videos where the men real enjoy each other (so many Pornland flicks look like the men are going through the motions); Dirk and Connor have great chemistry and it’s clear they’re having a good time, not only from their huffing and panting, but their chortling and chuckling too. Dirk is on his back and Connor simultaneously strokes Dirk’s cock and thrusts into his ass. “Oh here we go,” Dirk grunts, then seconds later, sticky ropes of jizz fly out of his dick. Connor lies back beside Dirk jerking his hard-on while Dirk plays with his nipple and kisses him. Connor pulls back from Dirk and sighs heavily, “Oh my God.” Then he blows his wad across his belly.

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dirk caber and connor maguire

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