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Prince Sayed Strokes his King-Sized Dick

sexy guy showing big underwear bulge

prince sayed

Prince Sayed is a 22-year-old, bisexual guy. He’s tall, sports an athletic body that he keeps in shape playing football, basketball, and jogging daily. He’s a masculine stud with a deep voice and he can’t stop playing with his nipple during his interview. Sitting in his shorts, he’s showing a big bulge and he doesn’t disappoint when he peels down to his underwear. He pulls his long, thick cock through the leg hole in his white briefs, then he gets down to stroking. I noticed his hairy legs and big feet, but then I always do. One thing that Hard Brit Lads never got around to asking is why he’s calling himself Prince Sayed. Oh well, he’s got a big, meaty cock, he can call himself whatever he wants. When he’s ready to cum he holds his nuts with one hand and strokes until his cock gently pumps out his creamy load all over his fist.

Watch Prince Sayed Stroking his Huge Cock

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