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boys halfway house

boys halfway house

Bad boys, delinquents, and trouble makers find themselves at Boys Halfway House where they’re given a chance to turn their lives around — it’s this or jail. The problem is that the managers who run this house are a couple of opportunistic perverts who see these residents as their sex toys. There are all kinds of rules, and invariably when one is broken, the offender finds himself down on his knees or ass end up, or both, and the supervisor give him his punishment.

Kip is a straight guy from Colorado who keeps slipping contraband into Boys Halfway House. While doing his chores in the kitchen, the supervisor confronts Kip and he’s ordered to his knees and the supervisor face fucks him. Kip isn’t used to having a dick in his mouth, so this doesn’t go easily for him and he chokes and sputters. Kip lies back on a stool with his legs in the air and takes the supervisor’s thick cock up his ass. Finally, Kip opens his mouth and the supervisor cums in his mouth. All of the episodes follow a similar story line with these bad boys being confronted with a misdeed, then they get their punishment from one, but often two of the house supervisors. Visit Boys Halfway House.

Site Features


  • 45 streaming videos
  • Videos play at 890×540 at three different speeds
  • Unlimited streaming with monthly membership
  • Downloads play at 1280×720 and require extra credits
  • Updates several times monthly
  • Porn newcomers and regulars
  • Guys in their twenties, slender and athletic bodies
  • Blowjobs, bareback fucking, and cum eating
  • Mostly duos with some threeways and the odd fourway


Watch Kip Getting His Big & Thick Punishment
at Boys Halfway House

Visit Boys Halfway House

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