Broke Straight Boys Heads to Mainstream TV with New Reality Series

broke straight boys tv

broke straight boys tv

Broke Straight Boys is one of the best-known gay porn sites on the Web, and they’re about to get a whole lot bigger. The site is taking their crew of first-timers and gay-for-pay guys to mainstream television in a new reality series simply called: Broke Straight Boys TV. The show will follow the lives and antics of eight main performers from the gay porn site: Adam Baer, Cage Kafig, Damien Kyle, Paul Canon, Denver Grand, Jimmy Johnson, Kaden Alexander, and Johnny Forza.

The series is brain child of Hot Mess Productions, which was responsible for the hugely popular LOGO television show DTLA. Hot Mess Productions is also behind gay porn sites Broke Straight Boys and College Dudes. But Broke Straight Boys TV hasn’t announced a hosting television network or a start date. Their site simply says, “Coming Late 2014, Early 2015.” But considering Hot Mess Productions already has a working relationship with LOGO, it’s a good bet that’s where the series will find its home.

Every month site owner Mark Erickson houses a new crop of guys in his multi-million home and for the next several weeks the guys film a fresh crop of scenes for gay porn site Broke Straight Boys. The television series will turn on the cameras and show viewers what happens when you bring eight straight guys together to make gay porn.

The reality show appears to have already completed filming because Johnny Forza, one of the participants, hasn’t been filmed with the website since November 2013. The blond Jersey boy jumped ship and headed for gay porn site Dallas Reeves where he settled into an exclusive contract.

Six months later, Dallas Reeves snatched another Broke Straight Boys exclusive named Vadim Black and cast the 18-year-old, chiseled stud and Forza together for Black’s debut. And while Dallas Reeves may have been thumbing his nose at Broke Straight Boys, the site won’t be laughing for long when Forza’s new crop of television show fans head to Broke Straight Boys to check out his 49 videos.

Broke Straight Boys has been filming porn since 2006 and in April 2014 they wrapped their 1000th scene. They still release three new scenes every week, and with the guaranteed success of their reality show, the site shows no signs of slowing down.

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