Randy Blue Hunk Sean Zevran Debuts in “Stunner” as Falcon Edge Exclusive

sean zervan and adam ramzi

sean zervan and adam ramzi at falcon edge

To say that I was shocked when I heard Falcon Edge signed Sean Zevran would be an understatement. Upon hearing the news, I actually checked to see if pigs were flying by my balcony. Don’t get me wrong, hairy, bald stud Sean Zevran is about as close as you get to my fantasy man and I enjoyed him for three years over at Randy Blue, but he’s also as un-Falcon as they come. But the tactic worked because I did check out Zevran’s first Falcon Edge scene.

Stunner features Sean Zevran opposite Adam Ramzi, who is just as hairy, and there’s no story, just two horny men fucking in a dark and unfurnished room. I was anxious to see Ramzi swallow Zevran’s spectacular dick — it’s such a beautiful banana curve that would get any cocksucker’s lips smacking — and Ramzi didn’t disappoint me. He makes Sean’s tool easily disappear down his throat. With fiery chemistry, these two men weren’t just putting on a show, they were unmistakably hot for each other.

Watch Sean Zevran & Adam Ramzi in their Hot Flip Flop Scene

sean zervan and adam ramzi at falcon edge

I didn’t pay much attention when Falcon Studios announced their new brand, Falcon Edge, at the end of March. Their press release was so typically Falcon taking a whole lot of words to say absolutely nothing: “Falcon Edge explores what happens when good boys get bad, highlighting fast-paced, high-energy sex.” What the hell is “high-energy sex”? I haven’t a clue. Maybe Falcon Edge is financed by Red Bull.

And after watching the Zevran / Ramzi scene, I’m not any closer to finding out. They blew each other, they kissed, they rimmed, and they fucked, and they did it all on a black box in the middle of the room. I quite enjoyed watching them — their kissing got my dick so hard — and I’ll definitely be watching this one a couple more times. I just didn’t find anything fast-paced or edgy about the sex.

sean zervan and adam ramzi at falcon edge

I loved watched Adam fucking Sean doggy style. Adam holds onto Sean’s waist and pounds his furry ass so hard that he makes Sean’s butt cheeks jiggle. It was such a turn-on. And Zevran’s cumshot is a fantastic baptism into his first Falcon Edge scene: He splashes huge, messy blasts across Adam’s beard and lips. And after they’re both done spunking, Sean leans in for a quick cum kiss while the camera fades out.

They really could have lingered for a minute of two so we could enjoy the men licking and swapping jizz. And since Falcon Edge promised cum eating in their press release, then I have no idea why they shut it down so quickly. But honestly, if chowing down on a guy’s cum is edgy, then I must be wallowing in muck deep in some depraved pit. Still, Ramzi and Zevran got me sufficiently worked up that I’m interested in seeing what’s coming next from Falcon Edge.

Watch Sean Zevran & Adam Ramzi in their Hot Flip Flop Scene

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