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I just quit smoking three weeks ago, so it’s probably not a good thing to be talking about a gay porn site devoted to men smoking, but these hot men gets me more revved up than a longing for nicotine. I’m not sure if Smoking Hunks is a new site or whether it’s been around for a while, but it only popped up on my radar a few weeks back. Either way, they have some pretty hot men over there, so it’s worth checking out.

Smoking Hunks features some well-known performers like Alexsander Freitas, Samuel Colt, bodybuilder Xavier, Ross Taylor, and Spencer Reed (back before his retirement), and there are also some gay porn men you probably haven’t seen for a long while, plus you find lots of amateur guys. Smoking Hunks bills itself as “Bodybuilders, leather men, and the guy next door: smoking cigarettes and cigars in adult situations.”

Some of the men are smoking while manhandling their cocks, others are getting serviced while sucking on a stogie, I saw another hairy hunk riding dick while sucking on a cigar, and some men are just relaxing in the nude and enjoying a ciagrette. While smoking isn’t good for us and it’s losing it’s coolness factor, lots of men still still get off watching a naked man smoking.

Check Out the Hot Men at Smoking Hunks

smoking hunks

Smoking Hunks – Where Naked Me Light Up & Get Off

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