Steve Hurley “TitPig” is Back! Films New Scene with Christian Mitchell

steve hurley titpig

christian mitchell and titpig

I’ve been sitting on this news for a couple of weeks, sworn to secrecy by my porn buddy Christian Mitchell. But I can finally announce that Steve Hurley “TitPig” is coming back to gay porn. And I couldn’t be more excited. Back in 2003 when I got started in this business, TitPig was one of my favourites. (Scroll to bottom to see a gallery of TitPig from back then.) He disappeared about five years ago, but a couple of weeks ago TitPig and Christian Mitchell wrapped filming for a new Hot Older Male scene.

And this scene is especially hot for me because I tweet with Christian Mitchell almost every day, so knowing that he got to fuck with one of my all-time faves made me very horny, and quite a bit jealous.

Mitchell says that it’s a daddy-boy scene with the boy (played by Mitchell) coming home to his daddy (TitPig) after a long gap in their regular play sessions. “Dad welcomes his son home and they bond and smoke pipes together,” Mitchell says. “The scene gets very piggy. I do lots of hot tit sucking and pit sniffing. His tits are amazing, his nips are huge!”

christian mitchell and titpig

After making a meal out of TitPig’s deliciously thick cock, Mitchell lies back in a sling and Hurley works over his butt hole, then stuffs Mitchell’s ass in a long, slow fuck scene. “I’ve never had a more passionate and loving scene partner,” Mitchell says. And it sounds like they had quite awesome chemistry, Mitchell says their pre-production Skype call almost turned into a jack-off session, but they saved it for the cameras.

Christian Mitchell and TitPig were filmed and directed by Alfred Hotcock of Hot Old Male. I talked to Hotcock and asked him how he managed to coax TitPig out of retirement. “I wish there was some elaborate story to tell you,” Hotcock says.

The director had already been talking to Christian Mitchell about doing a scene for HOM, then Hotcock and Titpig were at a party in Palm Springs and Hotcock worked the Mitchell scene into the conversation. “I’m ready to jump back in the saddle if you’re ready to have me,” Hurley told the director.

Meanwhile, Mitchell had been asked to think about potential scene partners, and before Hotcock could suggest TitPig, Christian emailed, “I’d really love to work with Titpig.” I love stories like this.

Back in his hay day of filming, TitPig was well known and loved for his cigar and pipe smoking and Hot Older Male isn’t letting his fans down. “We made sure that he had his pipe firmly clamped in his mouth while he was fucking the living daylights out of Christian.

TitPig & Christian Mitchell – Coming Soon to Hot Older Male

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