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Marc Angelo Fucks Furry Bottom Frankie Rogers

marc angelo and frankie rogers kissing

marc angelo and frankie rogers

I was beginning to think that we were never going to see beefy daddy Marc Angelo topping. He’s been doing quite a bit of filming lately, but he’s mostly been getting that meaty ass of his fucked. Finally, this new video from Bear Films has Angelo fucking furry bottom Frankie Rogers, who is new to porn filming.

Two weeks ago Marc Angelo did a really hot scene with newcomer Cooper Hill and their chemistry was on fire. (You can check out my write-up on that one by clicking the link.) I really enjoyed watching Marc and Cooper going at it, and for an absolute first timer Cooper Hill was a natural. So I’m looking forward to a repeat performance in this new scene. This is his third scene in six weeks and his sixth appearance on Bear Films.

Watch Marc Angelo Fucking Frankie Rogers

marc angelo and frankie rogers

Marc Angelo is always passionate with lots of kissing and sexy dirty talk. He’s the kind of man that I want to invite over on a rainy Sunday afternoon for a long, slow make-out and fuck session. He’s built like a bulldog, loves making out and eating ass, he’s got an uncut cock, and he’s versatile, so a guy’s pretty much guaranteed a good time.

Marc Angelo wasn’t scheduled to do this scene, but when the top didn’t show up, Bear Films called Angelo, who was already in town doing a number of sessions with them. But I’m afraid this scene with Frankie Rogers fell flat for me. Rogers is new to porn filming and he seems like one of those guys who thought it’d be really hot to make a porn video, but he’s not a great performer.

I hate being disparaging about the men I see in porn because I think it takes a lot of courage to shed your clothes for the camera, but Rogers needs to take a porn acting class. It’s really not that hard to have a good scene with Angelo (I’ve seen them all), he likes dirty talking with his partners and he’s very good at it, so even if you’re a nervous first timer and have no idea what to say while having sex in a porn video, you could just follow his lead. When he says, “Do you want to suck Daddy’s dick?” You fall to your knees and say, “Yes please, feed me your cock, Daddy.” But Angelo’s attempts are lost on Frankie, who is largely pretty quiet throughout the session except for some panting, grunting, and a few oh yeahs.

marc angelo and frankie rogers

I enjoyed watching Marc Angelo sitting back on the couch while Frankie rides his cock. Marc’s enjoying having his meat serviced and with his hands free, he plays with his nipples and runs his filthy mouth. But still this bottom isn’t very responsive. Honestly, I was never really sure whether Frankie was just shy and nervous with the cameras, or whether he just wasn’t that into Marc Angelo. Maybe Bear Films should have called the scene when the top cancelled. Frankie’s shining moment comes when he drenches the sheet covering the couch. What a massive load! But I’m sure lots of viewers didn’t wait for the cumshot before clicking out to search for something hot.

After seeing Cooper Hill and Marc Angelo‘s scene two weeks ago, I was pretty disappointed with this one. Angelo did a fine job, as he always does, there just wasn’t much chemistry between these two. Ah well, you can’t win them all. And finally, those pictures up top make it look like this is a bareback scene, but it’s not, those are just some posted pictures, Angelo is wearing a condom during the fucking.

Watch Marc Angelo Fucking Cooper Hill

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