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Is Topher DiMaggio the Next Top to Bottom?

topher di maggio

topher dimaggio fucking paddy o'brian’s Top to Bottom series has become hugely popular and they love teasing us with hints about the next exclusive top to throw their legs in the air. But they’ve been particular stingy with the clues this time around. Even My Little Bird over there has clamped his beak shut. The first hint is coming out on Monday, right after Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m going to jump the gun and call it: I predict that Topher DiMaggio is the next Top to Bottom.

I pegged both Colby Jansen and Charlie Harding long before their first bottoming scenes hit the site, so my track record is rock solid, even if I do toot my own horn. So I put on my Scooby Doo hat and did some sleuthing.

Why Topher DiMaggio? has established a pattern of making a huge splash with every other scene in this series. Top to Bottom started off with Tony Paradise giving up his ass for the first time, and no disrespect to Paradise (he’s a hot man) but he’s not a huge name in gay porn. But Paddy O’Brian is and his first bottom scene, and the second in the series, caused a frenzy.

tommy defendi and colby jansen

Colby Jansen has a huge fan base who has been begging and pleading to see the beefy top finally bottom. His scene debuted between Liam Magnuson and Charlie Harding, who are still building their names in the business. In fact Liam Magnuson has already retired from porn. Colby Jansen’s first ass fucking with Tommy Defendi caused a stampede. So we’re due for another huge shocker.

Zeb Atlas would certainly rock Gay Porn Land if he bottomed, but I really don’t think we’ll see Atlas getting it doggy style until he’s ready to wrap things up and call it quits, you know, the last big hurrah and good bye.

Topher DiMaggio has filmed with just about porn studio and site out there and always as a top; hell, I’ve even heard that DiMaggio doesn’t like having his butt hole filmed. And like Paddy O’Brian and Colby Jansen, Topher Dimaggio has filmed a massive number of scenes with, so like he seems the more likely candidate and a huge coup. What do you think? Vote below.

Is Topher DiMaggio the next Top to Bottom?

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paddy o'brian and topher dimaggio

And who do I think is going to top Topher DiMaggio? spent a lot of money flying Topher over to London to fuck Paddy O’Brian, and aside from DiMaggio’s performance fee, which is considerable, would want to get their money’s worth out of that plane ticket. And getting Paddy O’Brian to turn the tables on DiMaggio seems more like’s style. They did it with Colby Jansen fucking Charlie Harding to re-establish his prowess as a power top.

While Paddy seems the obvious choice, I’m waffling, so you guys let me know in the poll below. There’s a tendency right now in gay porn to get performers on screen with their real-life lovers, so DiMaggio’s real boyfriend, Lance Luciano, also seems like a good possibility. I’d be pretty pissed off if my exclusive-top lover gave it up to anyone but me.

So, Paddy O’Brian for dramatic effect and fun? Or Lance Luciano to keep this couple out of divorce court? Maybe Colby Jansen will return again, or perhaps Zeb Atlas is going to enter this series.

If Topher DiMaggio is the next Top to Bottom, who is going to fuck him?

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  1. Even though he’s no a big name, I would prefer Jimmy Johnson bottoming. Because it says versatile on his profile, and I can’t find a bottom vid. If you have any idea can you help me out?

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