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Aleks Buldocek Fucks Shawn Wolfe in Timberwolves

aleks buldocek fucks shawn wolfe

aleks buldocek and shawn wolfe in timberwolves

Always a bit nervous the first time I’m watching a really sexy hunk in his first gay porn appearance. Lots of handsome men catch my eye and get my balls tightening in my shorts, but can they fuck? Will they live up to my fantasies? I’ve been disappointed before. Aleks Buldocek’s first scene is every bit as exciting as I was hoping — he’s a sexy brute with a huge cock and he knows how to dole out a good ass fucking. Like I said in my intro post of Aleks Buldocek, he’s on his way to being the next big thing in gay porn.

Buldocek is making his debut in a new Raging Stallion DVD called Timberwolves. Shawn Wolfe has headed out to redneck land with a couple of buddies, Adam Ramzi and Jimmy Fanz, and they’re swimming in a pond and getting stoned on brownies. Wolfe doesn’t get the munchies, but the brownies make him horny as hell. “Let’s go into town to find some rednecks to fuck,” he says. His buddies aren’t interested so Wolfe heads off by himself.

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aleks buldocek and shawn wolfe in timberwolves

At the bar in town Shawn Wolfe finds Aleks Buldocek and the two shirtless men quickly come together for some passionate kissing and dick sucking. I was wondering how Shawn was going to do with Aleks’ long dick — he swallows it whole with lots of wet deep throat action, the boy can suck dick.

I can’t wait to see Aleks’ large pole sliding into Shawn’s furry ass, but they keep me waiting with a prolonged blowjob swap. Buldocek eventually pushes Wolfe over a barrel and slowly pushes his long dick inside, then he pulls it all the way and gently goes back in deep. He does this a few times to get Wolfe’s hole accustomed to his eye-popping length.

aleks buldocek and shawn wolfe in timberwolves

I loved watching Aleks Buldocek fucking ass. He’s really something to see and hear with his animal grunts and snorts. He opens up Shawn Wolfe’s ass considerately before he picks up the pace and reaches Ben Hur ramming speed. And he gets Wolfe wailing pretty good. I can almost almost feel Buldocek’s long dick hitting those deep spots inside my own ass.

Drenched in sweat these two hairy men stand side by side holding each other and Wolfe blows first, shooting his jizz all over the floor. Buldocek is next and he’s not really a squirter or distance shooter. Heavy gobs of cum ooze out of his hard-on and plop to the floor. The first wad spunks part of the camera lens and his cummy river continues sliding out of his dick and falling all over the floor.

I’m pretty sure the camera man got a little wet, but I doubt he minded. This is one hot fuck scene for Buldocek’s debut and as far as I’m concerned, this hairy hunk’s videos can’t roll out fast enough.

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