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Picture of Gay Men Kissing Banned by Facebook

jesse jackman and dirk caber kissing

jesse jackman and dirk caber kissing

On October 8 Jesse Jackman posted a picture of he and his partner, Dirk Caber, kissing. On October 9 Facebook removed the image from Jackman’s Facebook wall and sent him the following message: “We removed this from Facebook because it violates our Community Standards.” And Jackman was banned from further posting to his Facebook page for 12 hours.

Jesse Jackman is an exclusive performer with Titan Men and Dirk Caber is also a very active adult performer in gay porn, but there is nothing pornographic about their picture — just two men kissing. In fact all of Jackman’s photos in his gallery section are G-rated, as per Facebook’s “no cock” policy.

“It is shocking and outrageous that Facebook would remove a photo of two men in a committed relationship sharing a loving kiss,” Jesse Jackman said to Joe Spunk.

No sooner had Jackman posted the photo on Facebook, and the Christians started pouring out God’s love with comments like “I will pray for these guys, God loves the sinner, hates the sin,” and “God made a woman for a man (fact).” First of all, what are Christians doing browsing a gay porn performer’s Facebook page? Doesn’t God have something to say about that?

The picture of Jackman and Caber kissing got 2,713 likes in less than a 24-hour period and has been shared 122 times. Most of the 240 comments on Jackman’s Facebook page were positive until the Christians showed up, then the comments degraded into a back and forth between supporters of the kiss and God-loving Christians who think it’s an abomination.

So the question is: Whose community standards is Facebook using? Certainly not Jesse Jackman’s or Dirk Caber’s, and certainly not mine, or the community standards of any of the countless thousands upon thousands of gay men and women who maintain Facebook pages.

And Jackman sums it up best when he said to Joe Spunk, “I received multiple public death threats after posting this photo, endured countless homophobic slurs, and received dozens upon dozens of hate-filled messages, and yet Facebook did nothing about those disgusting comments, choosing to censor love instead of hate.”

So Facebook’s “community standards” prevent two gay people from sharing a kiss on their Facebook wall, but those same standards don’t prevent the hate mob from tromping through with their vile and ignorant comments. Nice one Facebook, very nice.

When will gay men tell Facebook to fuck off? I understand that Facebook doesn’t want us posting our nude selfies all over their site — fair enough. But a kiss? Are you fucking kidding me? With all the hate that we see and hear in the world, why are we still allowing Facebook to get away with this?

I was going to suggest that gay men cancel their Facebook pages en masse. But here’s far better way protest Facebook’s unequal application of their “community standards”: Grab your camera, then embrace your man and kiss him, and take a picture; then post it on your Facebook page. Jackman’s final word: “This is a travesty. Hate must not be allowed to prevail in this world.”

Please guys, grab your cameras and get those pictures up on Facebook and make sure you tweet them, too, with the hashtag #FacebookKissOff

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  1. It’s not a travesty at all, it is at most an overreaction. God, what a pair of drama queens. I’ll tell you exactly what happened: Some homophobic right-wing cunt reported the picture as inappropriate. The Facebook automated system shut down the page TEMPORARILY to give the actual humans who work there time to check, and when they do, they will realise it’s not inappropriate at all, it was just someone being a homophobic right-wing cunt, and the page will be reinstated. Calling for a boycott of one of the most gay-friendly companies on the planet because of an automated system that is legally required to be in place is hysterical bullshit.

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