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Colby Jansen Finally Gets Fucked

colby jansen and tommy defendi

colby jansen sucking tommy defendi's cock

The day is finally here — Colby Jansen is getting his ass fucked. So is it worth watching? Damn straight it is, pardon the pun. has been teasing us with this scene for a couple of months, but the tease is over and Jansen’s video is finally on the site. I was a little dubious about this scene and whether it would live up to all the hype, but I just watched the full video and it’s definitely one for the spank bank.

It’s only been a couple of months since Paddy O’Brian did his first bottom scene, and that one broke all the records over at But it looks like Colby Jansen’s first fuck might unseat Paddy’s massive popularity. Paddy’s fuck video with Topher DiMaggio has a 92% approval rating with members. Colby Jansen’s scene hasn’t even been on the site for 10 hours and he’s already got a 96% rating — member’s are clearly loving this one. Scroll down to see more and read why.

Watch Colby Jansen Getting Fucked with Tommy Defendi’s 9-Inch Cock

colby jansen fucked by tommy defendi

The way Colby Jansen comes to bottom for Tommy Defendi is quite a bit of fun. I would have been disappointed if the video opened and Jansen was bouncing on a cock. But does an excellent job of giving us a convincing scenario. I won’t spoil the fun.

I’m impressed that Colby chose to start his bottom experience by sitting on Defendi’s 9-inch cock. It’s a challenging position. A bottom thinks they’re in more control and can ease up if things become too much — and they can — but a man’s cock goes a hell of a lot deeper in this position. Still, it’s probably the best way for Jansen to open up his hole so the rest of the fuck isn’t too much of a chore. Get ‘er done, then enjoy it.

“Fuck yeah, that’s tight,” Defendi moans. And once Jansen has this bone buried balls deep, he says, “It’s big … It feels good though.” And with that, Jansen starts bouncing pretty good on Tommy’s pole, grunting and panting with every thrust.

Watch Colby Jansen Sitting on his First Cock Ever

tommy defendi fucks colby jansen

Colby rides Tommy for a few minutes, then needs to take a break, so he swallows Tommy’s niner. Then he’s back up on the table and bounces on Defendi in a reverse cowboy. There’s not a lot of dirty talk from Jansen, he’s too busy heaving, groaning, and sweating. And he makes me feel like he’s enjoying it, which gets me pretty turned on. There’s nothing worse than watching a top who has that I-can’t-wait-for-this-to-be-over look on his face.

It’s funny watching Colby dismounting from the table. He has trouble finding his legs, you know, like Bambi’s first time on ice. He stumbles a bit, then recovers and bends over the table. Tommy’s in control now and he’s not going to go easy, even if it is Colby’s first time getting fucked. Colby clenches his fists and braces as Tommy gives it to him. Hard.

Again, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but let’s just say that by the time Colby is ready to blast off he’s practically ordering Tommy to pound his hole. And after Jansen unloads his nuts, he has to dodge Defendi’s wild flying cumshot so he doesn’t get hit in the face. Does Tommy spunk Jansen’s face? Ummm … little bit. Like I said, this is one for the spank bank. I’ll be watching this one many more times.

Seeing Colby Jansen Getting Boned is Spank Bank Material – Watch It!

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