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Outdoor Foreskin Feast with Lucas Knowles

sucking lucas knowles fat uncut cock

lucas knowles and hayden outdoor sex
I haven’t seen Polish stud Lucas Knowles around much lately — for a while it seemed that he and his fat uncut cock were everywhere. I found this scene sitting on my hard drive from Hard Brit Lads and it starts off with Lucas Knowles and Hayden hiking in the woods. When they find a clearing they set down their back packs and start making out. After some kissing and fondling, the shorts hit the dirt and the shirts come off. And I’m so jealous of this Hayden lad. I’ve always had a hard-on for Knowles and seeing his meaty cock always has me closing my eyes and going to my spank bank place.

But seeing Hayden lying back on a log with his mouth open, and then Knowles straddling and feeding him, I could almost blow a wad without touching myself. And you guys know how much I love sucking dick and foreskin, so when Lucas throat fucks this young cocksucker, well, let’s just say it’s a good thing my fingers are busy typing this post.

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lucas knowles and hayden outdoor sex

After Knowles has his fill of Hayden’s hot, wet mouth, he bends the slender guy against a tree. Then inch by magnificent inch, Knowles fills this boy’s cock-hungry butt. And Hayden keeps his butt hole shaved, so there’s nothing getting in the way of seeing the beautiful sight of Knowles monster meat sliding balls deep.

But I really like the part of this fucking scene where Hayden lies back on a blanket on the ground. With his legs in the air, he enjoys a hard ass pumping from Knowles. Hayden’s bare feet are flopping around in the air as Knowles drills him – I love seeing the tender soles of his feet, I wish Knowles would kiss them and lick them, but he doesn’t.

Hayden jacks his own cock, which is also covered in foreskin and fat, and spews a healthy load of spunk all over himself. Knowles hauls out his meaty cock and sprays this boy with creamy cum. And so much of it! Hayden is covered in jizz, it’s everywhere – all up and down his chest and belly, on his face, in his hair, even his eyelashes are covered. Please! Please! Let it be me!

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lucas knowles and hayden outdoor sex

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