Marcus Ruhl & Ricky Larkin Wrestling Nude

marcus ruhl pinning ricky larkin in wrestling

ricky larking and marcus ruhl wrestling nude

Watching men wrestling naked is such a turn-on, but when you’ve got two beefy hunks like Marcus Ruhl and Ricky Larkin going at it on the mats, well, my cock goes into overdrive. These two men only outweigh each other by five pounds and they have big strong, meaty asses and thighs, so just watching them throwing each other around the mats is enough to get your balls tingling. Seeing a fighter picking up a 200-pound man and throwing him on the mats and crawling on top of him — legs and arms flailing, asses in the air, cocks bouncing around, and hairy bodies drenched in sweat — it’s pretty horny stuff.

And of course this is Naked Kombat wrestling where the fighters rack up bonus points doing nasty things like grabbing cocks, fingering butt holes, and dry humping each other. And of course the loser always has to submit his ass so the winner can claim his prize. But I don’t know what referee called this fight; I’m thinking he was either blind or this fight was fixed — Marcus Ruhl clearly had Ricky Larkin pinned more and should have gotten a lot more of those nasty bonus points.

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ricky larking and marcus ruhl wrestling nude

I had mixed feelings about this wrestling match. I like both Marcus Ruhl and Ricky Larkin, they’re a couple of handsome hairy men, and like I said, they have big meaty legs and asses. But I’ve been following Larkin on Twitter for a few weeks and he often comes across like a macho tool who really should keep his mouth shut a little more often. Yeah, freedom of speech and all that, but some people should think before they hit the enter button.

So I was really rooting for Marcus. I wanted to see him grinding Ricky’s face into the mats and then pound the hell out of his ass and put him in his place. And like I said, I really felt that Marcus Ruhl, who has four fights under his belt at Naked Kombat, was the better wrestler. And if you have read 6 Reasons You Want to Wrestle with Marcus Ruhl, you’ll know that I’m a fan.

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ricky larking and marcus ruhl wrestling nude

But as you can see, Marcus is the one getting his ass fucked, so he lost this wrestling bout. In spite of witnessing several Twitter meltdowns from Larkin, I still think he’s a hot man and he’s got a big, 8-inch. thick cock, so I’m not terribly disappointed in watching him pounding Ruhl’s ass. And Marcus has such a huge, furry butt that I never get tired of watching anyone fucking it. Check it out and decide for yourself.

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