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Andy Lee is Big Brother in Charge

andy lee spanking guy's butt

andy lee spanking guy's bare ass

I can think of a whole lot more than spanking I’d like British hunk Andy Lee doing to me, the straight stud has a big, huge, meaty, uncut cock. But if all he’s doling out is an ass paddling, I’ll take it. He’s playing the older brother in this scene and he’s got two younger brothers to take care of; mom and dad are no longer in the picture and Andy’s trying to keep his family together. But his young charges are a handful of trouble.

Andy gets a call from the police: his brother Patrick has been caught selling stolen gear. Fortunately Andy knows the cop who agrees to let the delinquent off with a warning if Andy promises to get Patrick into line. When Patrick arrives home, Andy has that “this is going to hurt me more than it is you” look on his face. But Lee has gigantic hands, so that’s hardly possible.

He pulls his brother over his knee and starts off spanking his ass through his track pants. Then the sweats come down, but leaves Patrick’s underwear and whacks his brother some more. By the time Patrick’s bare ass is exposed, it’s already red, but it’s going to get a lot redder now. And this is just the first part, the second scene has Andy wailing on younger brother Dan’s ass for leaving his dirty clothes all over the house.

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andy lee spanking guy's bare ass

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