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bearded hairy man troy webb

I saw Troy Webb a while ago on another site and I fell in love. I know, I fall in love with a handsome bearded hunk every other day, but seriously, couldn’t you fall into bed with this sexy man and spend a whole weekend servicing his fat-nobbed cock? Anyway, my point is that Webb really turned me on, and then I didn’t see him again, so it seems like he did a couple of scenes and then hung up his porn card. So with this new video from Hairy and Raw, I’m thrilled to see him back in front of the camera.

Troy Webb has let his beard grow quite a lot, the last time I saw him his beard was much more trimmed, but I think I prefer this bushier, sculpted look better. Webb has a great ass with big butt cheeks and his stomach, chest, armpits, and crotch are covered with dark hair. And one of the things I find the most interesting about him is the scar running down the center of his chest from his neck to midsection — scars can be so fucking hot. But I’m a dick hound and I love big-nobbed cocks and Troy Webb’s would feel pretty good rolling around in my mouth, or yours, but I don’t really like to share.

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