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Marc Angelo – Bear Daddy of the Day

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It’s always nice when I hear from surfers and fans of Joe Spunk, but it’s even more of a charge when one of the hot hairy men I feature here drops me a line. This morning I woke to an e-mail from this handsome daddy, Marc Angelo, and he said, “Thank you for featuring some of my scenes on your blog. I am flattered!”

Angelo went on to point out that I’d gotten his name wrong in a post I did about his movie Backwood Bears. And indeed I had called him Marc Anthony instead of Marc Angelo. So I fixed it up and e-mailed him back and asked if he still lived in Toronto because I’m sure I’ve seen him on the street.

When he confirmed, I invited him to jump me any time he sees me walking down the street. He politely said, “All I need now is a picture of you.” So I popped him a link of Joe Spunk’s contact page and he quickly send back, “WOOOF GRRRR HOT HOT BEAR!”

It’s always nice to be admired, it puts a spring in your step, doesn’t it? So I left it at that except that we swapped Twitters and Facebooks, but I’m not one to hound a gay porn star, even if he does live in my neighbourhood and is so hot that you’d love to spend an afternoon between his beefy thighs. But life’s gotta be hard enough sometimes for porn performers — everyone always seems to want a piece of them in some way — without fans stalking them. But if Marc Angelo and I should bump into each other on the street and he asked for a kiss, I wouldn’t say “no.” Who would?

Not sure if Angelo is planning to do any more videos, I’ll ask him the next time we’re exchanging e-mails, but once he sees this post on my Twitter feed, he’ll likely stop by and let us know.

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