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Daddy Bear & Cub Sex – Trevor Belfast & Knotty Cub

top hairy daddy fucking beefy cub

I just did a post about sexy daddy bear Trevor Belfast and I’m following that up with this hot scene where he’s fucking Knotty Cub’s big, beefy ass. In that post I said that I couldn’t imagine anything hotter than having this handsome older man crawling all over me, and I didn’t have to fantasize for long because he’s doing just that in this hot daddy bear and cub sex video.

When this scene from Bear Films opens — you can see a preview at the bottom of the post — Trevor Belfast is lying naked on his leather couch jerking his meaty cock. His big balls are pulled up snug against his body, but they’re still jiggling around while he beats his dick. Trevor is rubbing his furry chest and really getting hard and turned on.

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Trevor rubs his balls and slaps his throbbing pole in the palm of his hand. Knotty Cub walks into the living room and greets daddy with, “Hey there! Watcha doing?” Trevor grins, “Waiting on you.” Knotty Cub is a hot fucking man. He’s tall and beefy and he’s got the most fantastically thick arms. Trevor gets up off the sofa and they start necking.

Knotty Cub gets down on his knees and slobbers all over his daddy’s cock. And this cub is a good cocksucker, I really enjoy watching him chowing down on Trevor’s swollen meat. Then this daddy bear bends his cub over the sofa and fucks his big ass. Knotty Cub gets fucked in a number of positions before these two horny men end up back on the couch jacking off and spilling their cum loads together.

top hairy daddy fucking beefy cub

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