Training a New Cocksucker

new male cocksucker servicing straight men

So there’s a new cocksucker at New York Straight Men and he needs to be trained. So the site brought back Brent, who has had his dick serviced before at NYSM. It’s been about a week since Brent blew his wad. He’s in the city working and his wife is down on the Jersey shore visiting friends, so he called up New York Straight Men to see if they had a blowjob buddy available. And as luck would have it, Paul was scheduled to do his first shift as one of the resident cocksuckers.

Now Paul also has a girlfriend, but he likes giving head. Hmmm … Who am I to pass judgement on a guy? But my gaydar is going off all over the place when I look at Paul. I think he’s a parade just waiting to happen, but like I said, who am I to tell anyone how to live their life?

Brent didn’t care that Paul was the new blow boy on board — he’s happy to help train a new cocksucker — he just wanted to feel his cock inside a warm, wet mouth and to empty his bull balls down somebody’s throat. He’s been building up a big load of cum for a week now and he had to drain his nuts today.

Paul kneels and starts working this straight man’s meat and while he’s getting it hard, Brent strips out of his shirt, and then his pants. Completely naked, Brent sits back on the couch, spreads his legs, and lets this straight dude go to work on his dick. And you can tell by the look on Brent’s face that he’s enjoying it.

Brent even grabs Paul by the hair forcing his dick down Paul’s throat until he’s buried his tool balls deep. And it turns out that Paul — straight or not — is a good nob gobbler and it’s not long before his first service buddy starts spilling his big load of jizz. So I guess we’ll probably being seeing more of this new cocksucker and it’ll be interesting to see how he progresses.

male cocksucker sucking off a straight man

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