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Hairy Bearded Hunk – Pete Finland

sexy bearded hunk flexing his arms

sexy bearded hunk pete finland

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I’m not sure why gay porn stars change their names. Pete Finland showed up on Butch Dixon this week and he used to film under the name Eric York. But in the second phase of his career he’s now billing himself as Scandinavian hunk Pete Finland. I have no idea if he’s really Scandinavian or whether that’s just packaging, but regardless this hairy bearded hunk is sexy. And I’m glad that he’s filming again.

Pete Finland is ruggedly handsome with golden blond hair and a sexy beard. He’s 45 years old, stands 5’11”, and weighs a solid 180 pounds. He’s also heavily tattooed. And when he peels off his jeans, you’ll see that he’s got a very meaty uncut cock.

In doing some digging on this hairy bearded hunk of man I discovered that at one time he and Tom Colt were lovers. I don’t know if they still are, but I just featured Tom Colt here at Joe Spunk. It seems a little coincidental that if they weren’t still lovers that they’d be appearing on Butch Dixon at the same time on this site. I’ll do a little digging and see if I can figure it out.

Whether they’re still lovers or not, the fantasy of thinking about these two hairy daddies sucking and fucking together is just a little too hot to bear. Wouldn’t you like being the proverbial fly on their bedroom wall.

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