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Leather Man Flip Flop – Butch Dixon

leather man dan ryder

Dan Ryder is a hot fucking man and I’ve loved watching him over at Butch Dixon over the years. He comes in spurts, pardon the pun, meaning that he films a few scenes with them, then he disappears and resurfaces again in a few months. Well this bald daddy is back for another few rounds and he has a couple of hot new videos over at Butch Dixon.

Ryder is a sexy man with his smooth bald head and a face full of salt ‘n pepper scruff. He’s wearing leather chaps and a vest that shows off his hairy chest. His meat is packed away in a white jockstrap. These solo shots of Ryder remind of this muscle daddy I did at the baths the other night.

I had just finished getting my ass fucked and needed to shower up. Across from the shower stalls are a bank of lockers, and as I arrive at the showers there’s a hot muscle daddy undressing at his locker. I head into the stall and draw the curtain, but as I lather up I peek through the curtain and watch this leather hunk strip out of his clothes. He was facing the lockers, so I had a perfect view of his hot, beefy ass framed in a white jockstrap. And I thought: “I’m going to suck that man’s cock.”

bearded leather man ale

Later, back in my room and on my knees, this jockstrapped daddy walked by my room, he’s wearing nothing but a leather vest and his white jock. He turns and walks back, and without hesitation just walks into my room. He doesn’t bother shutting the door, he just shoves his jockstrap bulge into my face. I rub my cheek against his package and breathe deeply, taking in the smell of piss and cum. He groans as my face presses against his cock and balls.

Then I ran my tongue along his stiffening cock growing and straining under the fabric. He must be a precummer because I can taste his man juice through the fabric. I eventually unleash his rock-hard dick. It’s not a huge cock, but it’s sporting a strong banana curve and I swallow it. It’s shaped like Dan Ryder’s with a strong banana curve, although not as thick as Dan’s, and not sporting any foreskin. That’s a little disappointing, but it’s a nice cock nonetheless.

This muscle daddy’s dick is big enough to fill up my mouth and his cock head hits the back of my throat. And this leather man is loving my mouth. He doesn’t give me his load, he’s only just arrived, so he wants to save it up and get his dick sucked a few more times. And throughout the night we have a couple more encounters as he fucks my throat.

leather man dan ryder

Ale is a sexy, bearded leather man and I really enjoy watching him playing with his foreskin. He shoves his finger deep underneath his hood and massages his sensitive cock head. God, I love watching this! And I’m really grateful that Butch Dixon is one of the few gay porn sites out there that understands what we foreskin hounds love about uncut cocks. Consistently they get their men tugging and pulling of their hooded meat, teasing and taunting us with what we cut men don’t have and what we hunger for.

Ale and Dan Ryder come together, both wearing leather chaps and they swap blowjobs. And then the fucking begins. Dan Ryder bends over first and gets his ass fucked by this bearded hunk. Then Ale lies across and bench while Ryder stuffs his fat uncut meat up his buddy’s ass. I do love a hot flip flop fucking scene and this one from Butch Dixon is prime material for my spank bank.

leather man dan ryder

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