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Horse-Hung Irish Guy – Andy Lee

horse hung andy lee

Andy Lee has been doing a lot of gay porn lately. For a while it seemed like every time I opened an e-mail this horse-hung Irish guy was staring back at me. But I haven’t grown tired of seeing his huge stump of an uncut cock. If you’ve spent any time here at Joe Spunk you know how much I love foreskin dick, and Andy Lee’s is a beauty.

When I visited Butch Dixon recently and saw his thick, heavy-hanging dick again I was quite happy. Of course I’d be even happier if one of these times I saw him getting that big Irish cock of his serviced. But for now, I’m happy watching him stroking his cum cannon.

I’d also be happier if this muscle cub would let his body hair grow in. He’s a bodybuilder – a hulking mass of muscle standing 6’2″ – so I guess he really loves showing off all his hard work; plus he’s mostly filming for the kinds of sites that prefer their guys smooth. But he did grow some face scruff for this Butch Dixon jack-off video and his chest hair is growing back in.

andy lee hung like a horse

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I really enjoyed watching this beefy Irish guy jacking his big horse-hung cock for Butch Dixon. And one of the best parts of his video is listening to his sexy Emerald Isle accent. We don’t see a lot of Irish guys in gay porn, so hearing Andy Lee talking is just about as hot as watching him pumping his dick.

He’s a playful guy, wagging his cock back and forth in the camera, then he settles down to talk a bit about himself. He gives us a tour of some of his tattoos and tells us that the stars on his neck came about when a girl at a party said that if he got stars inked on his neck that she’d have sex with him. She must have been some looker because there they are – three stars trailing down his neck.

And he’s a kinky fucker. He’s had sex in the back of a bus with people on the bus, and then he very proudly says, “I’ve had sex with my brother. Me and my brother fucked a girl together.” Now if Andy Lee’s brother is hung like Andy that was a very lucky girl indeed.

It doesn’t take this Irish guy long to get his meat hard, a few tugs on his foreskin and a couple of minutes stroking it in his fist, and presto, he’s rock hard. He stands up for a good part of his video, and while he’s watching porn off screen, there are several moments where he’s looking right in the camera – that drove me nuts.

And as boisterous and fun as he is during his interview, he’s pretty quiet and serious while jacking his dick. He doesn’t let out so much as a grunt or groan. And when he shoots his load of cum … same thing. I don’t know how these straight guys restrain themselves, I’m usually moaning pretty loudly when I dump my spunk. And the great things about this hung stud is that he’s a lively shooter. When his dick finally erupts – and there’s no warning – five healthy pumps of jizz spray across the room with cum flying everywhere with each squirt.

This jack off video is definitely going into my spank bank. I’ll need to watch that fountainous cum shot several more times before I grow tired of it – if I ever do. Awesome fucking load! And when it’s all over, Andy’s softening meat is covered in man juice and he leans forward to check out the huge load of jizz he’s sprayed across the floor. This is a must-see guys!

andy lee horse hung uncut cock

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