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Servicing Spencer Reed – Jake Cruise

servicing spencer reed

Jake Cruise is one of the luckiest men on the Web. A couple of times a month he gets to service a hot man like Spencer Reed. Jake Cruise is a silver-haired daddy and he’s pretty hot himself. But when Spencer Reed is in the room I’m all fired up. Reed is one of my favourite men working in gay porn at the moment, he’s also one of the hardest working porn studs, filming tons of scenes for us horny hoards.

I’m particularly turned on by this scene because I love a man’s bare feet. And Spencer Reed has a sexy pair of feet. I’m disappointed by a lot of gay porn because many producers don’t get that men can get just as turned on by a man’s feet as a stiff cock. I’m also frustrated because a lot of men out there just don’t take good care of their feet. That’s all well and good, but when a guy is going to appear in a gay porn video and viewers are going to see every inch of your body, I don’t understand why performers don’t pop out and get a pedicure, or at the very least make sure that their feet and toe nails are clean. I watched a scene the other day and a guy was giving another guy a foot job, which is hot to watch, except the guy using his feet has enough dirt under his nails to start a potato farm. Gross!

Spencer Reed doesn’t have that problem. He’s got a beautiful, big pair of feet. And in this scene, we get to see a lot of them. Spencer Reed’s feet are free of callouses ringing his heels, the soles of his feet look soft and lickable, and they’re clean. And it seems that his feet turn on Jake Cruise, too, because this grey-haired daddy spends some time licking and kissing Reed’s feet. I loved watching that.

sucking spencer reed's cock

But the the rest of you will love watching Jake chowing down on Spencer Reed’s cock. Jake doesn’t even wait for Spencer to get naked, he just falls to his knees and hauls Reed’s dick out of his jeans and starts sucking. They move to the bed where Spencer sits back and lets Jake slobber all over his big cock. But Jake doesn’t stop there. He likes rimming a man’s ass, gives Reeds hairy butt hole a good work over with his tongue, lick his underarms, and pretty much worships Spencer Reed’s entire body.

For the finale, Cruise lies back on the bed – and he’s still wearing his clothes – and Spencer Reed fucks his face before finally shooting his cum load. And as always, Reed squirts out a massive load of spunk. If there’s ever a fantasy auction where you get to spend an evening in bed with Spencer Reed, I’ll be there bidding, and you’d better not get in my way.

sucking spencer reed's dick

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