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adam tattaglia

I blogged about Adam Tattaglia a few weeks back when he appeared on The Guy Site and he was one of Joe Spunk’s Daddy of the Day features. But since his last appearance he sure has gotten a whole lot hotter. First of all, he let his pubes grown in – thank God, I think men with shaved pubes look silly – and Tattaglia is sporting a nice hairy bush. Now he looks like a real man. And funnily enough, a hairy bush even makes his cock look a little thicker.

In this new jerk-off session from The Guy Site, Adam Tattaglia is wearing some construction gear. And that construction vest really shows off his hairy, beefy chest nicely. He’s looking pretty hot, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing this daddy with some facial hair.

Playing with the construction helmet is cute, but it kind of loses its effect since this hairy daddy doesn’t really have a big enough cock on which to hang a hat. Still, it’s fun and I’m not really a size queen. I think Tattaglia has the perfect dick for sucking.

hairy construction worker

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