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footlicking cocksucker

Brock didn’t waste any time in letting the New York Straight Men’s cocksucker know what he wanted. When Brock arrived for his servicing session, he looked at Trey and said, “Lick my feet, then suck my cock!”

Brock married a woman a year ago after getting her pregnant. He likes getting head of the side because pregnant women and all their raging hormones are wildly unreliable when it comes to servicing their husbands – if they were ever good at sucking dick in the first place.

And Trey started working on Brock’s feet, he was in heaven. He started off this foot licking video wearing his wedding ring, then when he realized that, he took it off. He must have had a great time being serviced by Trey because Brock forgot his wedding ring at the New York Straight Men apartment. They called his mobile phone to let him know and he thanked them saying, “You saved my marriage.”

I find it mind boggling that a straight married man is willing to get his dick sucked – and his feet licked – on a gay porn site and he’s worried about forgetting his wedding ring. In the whole history of a site like New York Straight Men, I’m sure more than a few of these straight men have been pegged by their wives or girlfriends, or perhaps a gay brother has seen their brother-in-law getting his dick sucked, or just a friend of the wife. I mean these videos are out there for anyone to see and this guy is worried about forgetting his wedding ring?

Brock tells New York Straight Men that when a guy is going to service him, he likes to start off getting his feet and toes licked. His feet are connected to his boner maker. He loves having his feet worshipped and it gets him so geared up and horny that after a good foot licking, it doesn’t matter who sucks his cock.

Brock has a deliciously fat uncut cock and it’s sporting a bit of curve to it. But that wasn’t a problem for Trey, he’s sucked all kinds of cocks and he knows what he’s doing.

And Brock was true to his word. He was so hot and horny after getting his feet sucked and licked than when cocksucker started working on his dick, Brock lost all control and blew his load in Trey’s mouth.

foot licking cocksucker

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