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Marco Bolt – Bear Films

marco bolt

I really do love my job. I went for a nap a couple of hours ago and when I woke up, Marco Bolt was waiting for me in my mailbox. Talking about giving me some afternoon wood. Fuck! This man is hot!

Marco is balding with a moustache and chin-strap beard. He’s got these big, pouty lips that make you all crazy thinking about kissing them. He’s beefy with a broad, hairy chest, a furry belly, and big bulging arms.

And when he pulls down his camouflage shorts and releases his cock, it’s raging hard and bright pink. Flip him over and he’s wearing a tattoo across his shoulders, his got a patch of fur under each shoulder blade, the small of his back has a sexy dusting of hair that trails into his ass crack.

Marco Bolt lies back on his bed, pumps that pink dick in his fist, and churns out a load of frothy bear batter.

marco bolt

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