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Trey has my dream job. Can you imagine waking up every morning and over your morning coffee, you think about the day a head and the nice cocks you’re going to suck? Well, Trey doesn’t have to suck dick every day for his job at New York Straight Men, a couple of times a week to keep the blowjob videos rolling. But that’s a part-time job I’d love to have.

Kyle is a straight, ginger-haired man and his body is built like steel. He’s a construction worker and he’s built those muscles smashing concrete. His hands are big and rough, perfect to wrap around the heads of cocksuckers like Trey.

Kyle has performed in a straight porn movie, so he wasn’t bothered by the camera. And he’s used to getting head from guys, too. Whenever his girlfriend won’t give him a blowjob, he knows where to go to dump his load down some cocksucker’s throat.

Before this blowjob session, Kyle hadn’t shot his load for three days. I guess he wanted to save up a good one for the cameras. And when Trey got down on his knees and started sucking, Kyle really wanted to blow his load bad. But he held off, hard as it was because Trey’s mouth was made to suck dick.

Kyle’s got a respectable piece of meat and a nice pair of pink low hangers that flop onto the leather sofa and sit there while Trey is doing his magic.

Kyle kicks back on the sofa, spreads his long legs, and enjoys a long, slow head session from this cocksucker. I loved watching Trey burying his face in those ginger pubes. And when Kyle was finally ready to unload, Trey licks his nuts while this straight redhead splashed a big load all over those washboard abs. Nice one!

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