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Daddy Flip Flop – Pantheon Bear

Allen Silver and Rocky LaBarre

I’ve always had a hard-on for Allen Silver. I first saw this grey-haired man a few years ago over on Hot Older Male. He’s a handsome bugger with a full, grey beard, a strong body, and a hairy chest. And Silver is the truth in the addage: a man only gets better with age. (See more of Allen Silver in my post called: Grey-Haired Daddy.

Allen Silver has been a mainstay over at Hot Older Male and this week he’s flip flop fucking with Rocky Lebarre on Hot Older Male’s younger brother site, Pantheon Bear. I first saw Rocky LaBarre (and blogged about him here in a post called Bear Daddy) on The Guy Site. He’s a sexy fucker.

Rocky LaBarre is handsome, too, and very well built, stacked like the proverbial shit house. Allen Silver and Rocky LaBarre get hot and sweaty in this flip flop fucking scene. They take turns sucking one another’s cocks, then Silver mounts this hairy muscle bear and bones his ass.

I was already charged up watching this grey-haired stud fucking Rocky’s beefy, hairy ass. But when Silver climbed on top of Rocky and rode his cock, I was almost over the edge. God, I do love versatile men. It really is a lot of fun watching two men who are so into each other taking turns riding the daddy stick.

Who gets covered in whose cum, I’ll leave that to you to discover. This is one steamy scene that you don’t want to miss.

allen silver and rocky labarre

allen silver fucking rocky labarre

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  1. I downloaded this video and it is fucking hot. Rocky LeBarre is one hot muscle bull I would to get fucked by him and have Allen Silver suck my cock

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