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hairy bald man gets head

Marco loves getting head and he’s not afraid to tell this cocksucker how to work over his big dick. Originally from Spain, Marco has lived in New York City for ten years where he works as a painter. And yes, Marco is straight. But he’s got a beautifully thick cock and he’ll never say know to a blowjob, especially when it’s a hungry cocksucker like Trey. “Gay guys give better head,” Marco tells New York Straight Men.

This sexy bald man has a gym-toned body and he’s nicely covered in fur, too. He’s ruggedly handsome with a square jaw and he’s wearing a couple of days worth of face scruff.

He’s confident and talks dirty to Trey, who is one of New York Straight Men‘s resident cocksucker, and this nob gobbler sucks a lot of straight cock these days. He’s a cute guy, so I never get tired of watching him giving head to the straight men that stop by this blowjob site.

sucking bald man's big cock

This bald Spanish man starts off standing up, then he sits back in a chair, and by the time he’s ready to shoot his cum load, he’s lying back on the black leather sofa with his legs spread. There’s a really hot shot of Marco’s butt hole. It’s puckered tight with long curls of hair crawling through his ass crack.

A few times throughout this blowjob video Marco stares right into the camera and shows us how much he’s enjoying Trey’s wet mouth. And when it comes time to unload his balls, he creams all over Trey’s face. This cocksucker looks so hot with Marco’s creamy load sliding down his cheek. Another horny straight man serviced!

well-hung bald man shoots cumload

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  1. There’s nothing hotter than a straight or Bi guy who is cool about getting head from a gay guy. Wish there were more guys like that here in Southern California!!

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