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Grey-Haired Daddy: Allen Silver

allen silver grey-haired daddy

I have loved older men ever since I can remember. When I started having sex with men as a teenager, I played exclusively with older men, some grey-haired daddies, others just men in their late twenties and thirties. I never got into any of the teenage antics with my friends, you know, comparing cock sizes, cumshot contests, and jerking off. I think I was always afraid that experimenting with my friends would lead them to believe that I was gay, and I certainly knew that I liked men, I just didn’t want anyone pointing their finger at me.

I learned that older men would keep my secret, and the more I played with them, the hotter I found the sex. An mature man knows a thing or two about sex and can teach a younger man a lot.

This week I found Allen Silver on Hot Older Male. He’s been a mainstay on the mature man site for a few years now. And I really fell in lust with him the first time I saw him.

Allen Silver is handsome and his grey hair and beard really suit him. He’s masculine and has a magnificent hairy chest and belly. Across his belly his hair is dark, but as the furry patch moves up onto his chest, it turns grey – it’s really fucking hot. And when Allen turns around to moon the camera, you’ll see that his butt his hairy, too.

allen silver movies

Allen Silve has been featured in eight movies over at Hot Older Male and he’s featured in thirteen movies in Joe Spunk’s theatre, you can find Allen Silver’s videography here. And the other great thing about this grey-haired daddy is that he’s versatile. So sometimes you’ll see him fucking a younger guy’s ass, and sometimes you find this sexy daddy bending over and getting his ass boned. I’m good either way, but if I ever crawled into bed with this silver-haired fox, I’d be pushing my way to the bottom.

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  1. I rly luv to watch ur pic coz h’is hairy

  2. I really like Allen Silver, he is one hot sexy daddy and I would love to play around with him and snuggle in bed with him too.

  3. allen silver has always been to me a daddy and i am a daddy lover and i can be a daddy to another daddy—how i wish that was allen silver—with his body hair and silver hair he is a knock out for any man—how id love to play with him and be at his service anytime of the day or night—-allen i love you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gary/missouri/st joseph

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