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Ted Colunga’s Huge Dick

Ted Colunga in Jockstrap

It’s been a while since Ted Colunga has posed nude for Butch Dixon; it’s been a couple of years in fact. (Ted Colunga is the cover man on Butch Dixon’s new DVD Cum to Daddy.) He recently took a trip to London and ended up back in Butch Dixon’s studio. And I’m so happy he did. I love Colunga’s huge uncut dick. Even his surname sounds like slang for “big dick”: John dropped to his knees and started slurping on the big colunga staring him in the face.

First of all, dick aside, Ted Colunga is a handsome man. I’m pretty sure that he’s Hungarian, but he’s also pretty hard to track online because he’s performed under about 20 different names over the years. I’ve always found that the gay porn stars out of Hungary are a whole lot beefier than other Eastern European countries, and generally better hung, too. I don’t know what is it about the water and air in Hungary, but they definitely grow them big there. Scroll down and see more of Ted Colunga’s huge cock.

Ted Colunga's Hot Ass

Ted Colunga Stretching Foreskin

Ted Colunga's Huge Uncut Dick

Ted Colunga's Huge Uncut Cock

I don’t really care a whole lot about the length of a guy’s cock. Okay, I care … there’s nothing worse than trying to feign ecstasy when you’re getting fucked with a 4-inch cock, but what I mean to say is that I’m generally just as happy with a 6-inch cock as an 8-eight cock (okay, a little happier with the latter). But if truth be told, I’d rather have a super fat 6-inch cock than a 9-inch cock of regular girth. A fat cock just seems to fill you up better, and for me, there’s nothing worse than having a long cock stabbing my prostate. The problem with Ted Colunga’s dick is not only is it 9 inches long, but it’s about 7.5-inch around. I’m not sure I could take it. I’d love to try, but I’m not thinking it wouldn’t be a terribly comfortable fuck. Still, I’d probably give it a whirl. But I’d definitely have a good time sliding Colunga’s dick down my throat. There’s quite a bit of Ted Colunga over at Butch Dixon and these photos are taken from his latest session. Butch Dixon wrote in his blog that Colunga also did a hardcore suck and fuck with a cute, hairy bear cub named Andro de Luca, so I imagine we’ll be seeing that in the next month or so. I can’t wait.

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