Hot Bearded Cocksucker

Holding cock Sucker by the Head

Sometimes I’m more interested in the cocksucker than the man getting blown. Officer R has appeared on New York Straight Men several times over the year and he does have a great big-nobbed cock. But hiding behind that baseball cap and his sunglasses just doesn’t do it for me; I like to be able to look a man in the eyes when I’m sucking his dick. Thankfully, the cocksucker in this scene is a hot, bearded cub. I haven’t seen him on New York Straight Men before (although I haven’t been there for a while) so perhaps he’s a new cocksucker.

Officer “R” is a Sicilian-American, straight, married Cop. He’s a macho 40-something-year-old detective – when you think of a tough New-York cop, Officer “R” comes to mind. He will neither confirm or deny that he has gotten blowjobs while on duty, but who is he trying to kid? One thing he knows for sure is that men give better head.

Lucas is a cute, bearded cub and he loves servicing dick. Officer “R” is pretty verbal in this blowjob scene and he isn’t shy about telling Lucas just how he likes his cock sucked. When this straight cop has had his fill of Lucas’ mouth, he dumps a thick gooey load of cop sperm all over his pubes!

Holding Cock Sucker by the Head

Bearded Man Sucking Cock

Bearded Man Sucking Cock

Sucking Cock Close Up

Bearded Man Sucking Cock

Holding Cock Sucker's Head

Bearded Man Sucking Cock

Sucking a Straight Man's Cock

Bearded Cock Sucker

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