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Can you imagine living in the Middle East and having access to hoards of hairy Arab men like Alex Slater? Talk about living in heaven. The good news is that Alex Slater lives stateside, and in fact he was born in the U.S.. Alex’s background is Lebanese and French and that mingling of cultures sure has created a gorgeous hunk of a man. Over the summer he’s made three videos for Men Over 30. A few weeks ago I blogged about Alex Slater fucking a young guy. Scroll down to see more of this hairy Lebanese man’s beautiful body and hard cock.

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Hairy Lebanese Man's Hard Cock

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Alex Slater is 30 years old, he stands 5’9″, and weighs a solid 170 pounds. He starts off his jerk-off session wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt. He peels out of his t-shirt and reveals a beautiful hairy chest. He flexes and shows off his muscular arms and hairy armpits. He slides out of jeans and stops, teasing us by pressing his hands around his hard cock in his underwear. Man, it looks hot! This Lebanese hunk finally strips out of his underwear briefs and releases his hard cock. And it’s a beauty – 7 inches long and a little on the thick side. Alex lies back on the sofa and jerks his cock until he spews thick pearls of cum across his hairy belly. Alex is also featured at Men Over 30 in two suck and fuck sessions. Check out his session with muscle hunk Matthew Rush and another scene where Alex Slater fucks a young guy’s ass.

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  1. i love you very much. am from kenya. i wish am there to suck your dick and kiss you as well, you have a very good dick. i like it much.

  2. Hey man am lebanese also, luv naked m2m body contact, wish we could hook up and play naked together. am 58,5’8,160,s/p,br,stache, mostly smooth.

    Am in the USA

  3. This guy is stunning: perfect physique, handsome face, great body hair – just enough, not too much – and a terrific cock. I could spend hours in bed with him.

  4. It doesn’t matter whether he’s Lebanese or other. What matters is his gorgeous hot hairy body. I’d love licking that armpit hair before rimming that hairy lower area. The finale would be resting my tool inside that hairy butthole. I’m already dripping. WOW!!

  5. don’t get your cloth forever honey except going out from home…. auuchhh, don’ trim any of your body hair I like it

  6. Hey man u look so perfect to me . I love to suck ur beautiful and juicy cock . I’m from London . 🙂 I wish I could see u . I wanked 6 times in a day with ur pics . Thx

  7. Alex Slater may have chosen a name far removed from that used in his own country, but he’s one hell of a sexy man, and with a hot rod that needs regular polishing and great pubes unlike so many porn actors and models, a man I would like to get up close and VERY personal with given the opportunity!

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