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Junior Stellano

Junior Stellano Flexing Arms Showing Hairy Armpits

Junior Stellano is a hot, hairy hunk who is bursting onto the gay porn scene and he’s taking no prisoners. He’s made five gay porn videos with Raging Stallion Studios and I’m sure there are many more on the way. This week he headed to London and spent some time in Butch Dixon‘s studio. And Junior Stellano fits in perfectly with the hairy, masculine hoard of men over there.

Junior Stellano's Round Bubble Butt

Junior Stellano's Hard Cock

Junior Stellano's Beefy Hairy Ass

Junior Stellano Naked with Hard-on

Junior Stellano's Hard Cock Close-up

Junior Stellano got his start in gay porn rather late in life. He’s 35 years old and recently turfed a coproate career to do something that he really loves – having sex with men on film. He’s a perfect example of how we should all be living our lives and doing what we love to do. Junior Stellano has an awesome muscular, hairy body with sculpted shoulders, plump pecs, and ripped abs. And he’s quite the tattoo freak, too. His left arm is sleeved in ink and he’s got several other tattoos on his body.

One of Junior’s best assets is his beefy ass. It looks fairly smooth and that’s because it’s covered in a light dusting of fur that’s only visible when the light hits his butt just right. He’s got a patch of fur in the small of his back and it snakes down his butt crack and disappears deep between those two fleshy mounds. Of course I don’t want to forget about his cock either. Junior Stellano is packing a beautiful banana-curved cock – about 8.5 inches – with a tight pair of furry balls.

While visiting Butch Dixon, Junior Stellano did a suck and fuck scene with the very well-hung Dillon Buck. Butch Dixon tells me that video is hitting the site later in October, but if you want to see some preview photos, you can check out Butch Dixon’s blog: Dillon Buck Bones Junior Stellano.

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