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We’ve all seen a hot man kneeling under our kitchen counter and thought, “Hmmm. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that.” In this Pantheon Bear video, hairy bear Joe Ferrara finds Robert Elephante on his hands and knees with his head under the sink. And Robert is showing off some nice plumber’s butt. Joe doesn’t just think about it, he moves into action and slides his hand down Robert’s pants and checks out Robert’s hairy ass. Robert doesn’t need a whistle call to sound, he puts down his tools – he’s ready for a fuck break!

Hairy Plumber Sucking Cock in Kitchen

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Hairy Bears Fucking in the Kitchen

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Robert is a sexy bear with cub qualities. He stays on his knees and unbuttons Joe’s jeans and hauls out his fat cock right there in the kitchen. Robert slurps on Joe’s tool and gets it good and hard. And when Joe’s dick is standing at attention, he starts thinking about putting it in Robert’s ass. And Robert has a great butt – big, beefy, and hairy. Robert bends over the counter and Joe spreads his beefy butt cheeks and digging in deep with his tongue. Nothing hotter than rimming a hairy fuck hole!

Eventually Joe gets around to fucking Robert’s chunky ass and the loves the drilling session. I loved the cum shot in this video. Robert is lying across the counter and Joe is fucking him; sensing an impending explosion, Joe pulls out and starts jerking his cock and tweaking his nipple. But his load is still a few seconds away, so he keeps jerking and playing with his nipple and his grunting and groaning builds; and then, he spews a thick load of spunk all over Robert’s cock and balls. Robert’s meat is covered in jizz and I wish I were there for clean-up duty.

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