Sucking Off Man in Suit

Groping a Man in a Suit

There’s nothing like getting your dick sucked after a hard day at the office. Frankie arrived at New York Straight Men and he was still wearing his suit and tie. He had been meeting with potential customers all day and he needed to be drained. Redhead Ben is one of this site’s hungriest cocksuckers, so he volunteered for the job. Normally the straight men who stop by for servicing sit on the sofa and watch porn on the television while one of the resident cocksucker’s drains their balls. But Frankie was up for a whole lot more: 69 cocksucking, rimming, and nipple play.

The cocksuckers usually keep their clothes on, or perhaps strip down to their underwear, but in this scene, when Frankie peeled out of his suit, Ben stripped out of his clothes. So by the middle of the video, Ben is buck naked, down on all fours, and slurping on this business man’s hard cock. And when Frankie was ready to cum, he wedged Ben’s head into the bottom of the sofa and face fucked him and blasted a big load right down Ben’s throat! What a great way to end long busy work day!

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