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Studs Over 40 – Site Review

Studs Over 40

A hot man with a salt ‘n pepper beard is chowing down on a nice cock and looking into the camera. That’s the image I first saw when I hit brand new gay porn site Studs Over 40. It’s one of those images that immediately gets your balls tingling. As I move through the tour I see a hot redhead with a very hairy back spreading his ass while a bald hunk gives him a deep rim job; next, a bald and hairy daddy with a ring through his nose sits back on a leather sofa and gets his big dick serviced; finally, a good-looking, leather man is down on all fours getting his butt porked by a grey-bearded daddy – I’m definitely interested.

Once I head inside, I’m greeted by even more hairy men and daddies going at it. Most of the videos are hardcore suck and fuck sessions; but there are a few solo, jack-off sessions, and most of those feature hot men plugging their butts with big dildos. Studs Over 40 has just opened its doors in October 2009, so they don’t have a huge inventory of videos – 25 to start, with one added every week. But this gay porn site is a part of a larger group of sites called Gay Star Network, which gives you 15 sites in total. Crotch Buffet and Handy Studs feature some hot muscle men, while most of the other sites are packed with under-25 guys – not a huge draw for us bear-loving he-men, but if your tastes are varied, you’ll have a lot of content to enjoy.

Hot Mature Men

Impressions of Studs Over 40

I think this site is just going to get hotter with time. Studs Over 40 is a part of the Gay Star Network, which has mostly twink and young guys in their stable of sites; so Studs Over 40 is really their first foray into the bear and hairy man market. And someone over at GSN knows what they’re doing because these men are smoking! I’ve reviewed a lot of gay porn sites and often these multi-site companies wouldn’t know a bear if he ran up and bite them in the ass, but Studs Over 40 is definitely the real deal. You’ll find well-built, hairy muscle men; grey-haired daddies; sexy leather men; bald men; and even a few daddy/boy scenes. What you won’t find though are big-bellied bears, at least not yet anyway. But you won’t be disappointed with the initial offering from Studs Over 40.

I was also really impressed with this site’s features. I’m a fast-forward kind of guy, I love jumping right to the fucking action; and Studs Over 40 has an awesome feature: a thumbnail gallery shows the key points in the video, and selecting one of those thumbnails jumps right to that section of the movie. No waiting for the movie to download so you can fast forward, no waiting for the slider to creep slowly forward, and no need to watch the video at super sonic fast-forward speed, just click the button and the action starts. I love this!

Studs Over 40

Things We Liked

  • Hot hairy men and sexy daddies.
  • Downloadable video.
  • “Direct to scene” fast forwarding.
  • Donwloadable photo zip files.
  • Multiple video formats.
  • Bonus-site access.
  • Large-sized videos.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Bonus-site access is worthwhile only if your tastes in men are varied.
  • “Direct to video scene” fast-forward doesn’t always work in Firefox, but the site assures me they’re fixing it.
  • With 25 videos, the site is a bit lean; but they’re updating with one new video every week and checking it out with their low-cost, 2-day trial is a good deal!

Studs Over 40

Joe Spunk’s Final Word

Yes, Studs Over 40 is new, and yes, they don’t have hundreds of hairy man videos; but what they do have is hot. Using their 2-day, $2.95 trial, you’ve got nothing to lose. I love muscle men, and even the odd jock, so I was finding plenty of videos in the bonus-site access section that interested me. They’ve got over 100 bareback sex videos and another 125 group sex videos, so I’d be happy cruising this site all month long. But I have to say that they’ve got some pretty hot, hairy men in this site. I’m so often disappointed by these one-of-30-sites kind of deals because most purveyors of gay porn just don’t understand what a “daddy” or “bear” is. But Studs Over 40 is definitely in a league of their own. And I’ve been talking to the guy who is managing this site, and when I asked him, “Do you like bears?” he replied with “Arrrrr … a lot!” And it shows that the best bear and hairy man sites are created by the men who love them. Right on Studs Over 40 for giving us a hot, hairy man site! I’m looking forward to watching this site grow.

Quick Facts about Studs Over 40

Date Reviewed: October 16, 2009

Niche: Hairy men, daddies, older men, mature men, Muscle men, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, dildo sex.

Pricing & Billing:€” Epoch, CCBill, Jettis

  • 2-day trial -“ $2.95, then $29.95 recurring every 30 days
  • 30 day, recurring -“ $29.95
  • 90 days -“ $59.95
  • annual -€“ $98.50

Photos:€” 6/10

Each video session is accompanied by 40-plus screen captures. Studs Over 40 also has a small gallery section with some digital photos. You can download all the photos for each video in a zip file, but there’s no slide show feature, and you are unable to right-click and save individual photos (you have to download the whole zip file).Joe Spunk's Gay Site Review Rating

Videos:€” 9/10

Studs Over 40 has some nice features in the videos department. You can stream the videos on the site. They also have a cool fast-forward feature: a thumbnail gallery shows you key moments in the scene, and by clicking the thumbnail of your choice, you’re fast-forwarded instantly to that scene in the movie. It’s awesome! The videos are also available for download in WMV, QuickTime, and mpeg formats. And the downloaded videos are 720 x 480 pixels, so they’re quite a good size. They also offer segmented videos in their download category.

Site Size:€” 6/10

Studs Over 40 has just opened (October 2009) so they currently have 25 videos. However, this gay porn site is a part of a larger network of gay and straight sites, so your membership gives you access to 15 gay porn sites and 55 straight ones, if you’re inclined. The 15 sites that make up the Gay Star Network may not be of much interest to most bear and hairy man lovers because most of GSN’s other sites are geared towards twink lovers. Still their Crotch Buffet and Handy Studs have some nice muscle men. Regardless, the content is there for you to browse through, and altogether, you’ll have access to over 700 videos.

Updates: 7/10

This site updates once a week.

Nav & Design:€” 8/10

The Studs Over 40 free tour offers nice, big preview photos and free video samples. The member’s area itself is easy to navigate. Each episode is housed on its own page, and then, within that episode the various elements are tabbed, so you can jump to screencaps, trailer, the full video, or the download area. Each episode also has extensive bio and cross-referencing information. So you’ll know who is in the video, what DVD it came from, and even what other videos people liked.

Features & Extras:€” 9/10

The “direct to video scene” is an awesome feature, I loved it. You can also download zips of the photos, rate scenes, see other scenes that member’s liked, add videos to your favourites, share videos with your friends, and write comments. This member’s area is jammed with some nice features.

Value:€” 7/10

While Studs Over 40 gives to access to heaps of bonus content, it’s not hairy man and bear content; so the actual value is diminished in my opinion. If you have wide and varied tastes in men, then the bonus content will be a great benefit for you. The Studs Over 40 portion of the site definitely worth checking out, and the $2.95 2-trial makes it even more appealing. With weekly updates, this site will grow quickly.

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  1. In your comments on the review of Studs Over 40, you say that you have been “talking to the guy who is managing this site”. I have been looking for a way to contact the porn star (personal website, e-mail, have someone contact him and let him know to contact me) John Marcus on this website forever. I find him sexy as hell and want to do my best to try and convince him to meet me.
    Some porn websites have links where you can e-mail the stars. Some stars have personal web pages or even public fan pages on Facebook. Some have blogs you can write them on. I can’t find anything for John Marcus. I am quite in dire need of some help on this one. Would def. appreciate it!!

  2. Sorry, I have hunted around a bit and couldn’t find anything for John Marcus except this scene. All I can suggest is cruising the rent boy sites. Sorry.

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