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Eider Lujan Stuffs Max Duran with His Huge Cock

eider lujan and max duran

Eider Lujan’s big cock is not what makes him such a great top. Let’s face it, hung men aren’t that hard to come by, but a top with passion who knows how to drive a bottom out of his mind, well, those men are a rarity. And if you find one, you’d better hold on tight — pay him, marry ...

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Esteban Orive Destroys Antonio Miracle’s Ass

esteban orive bare fucking antonio miracle

When Antonio Miracle really tries, he can swallow two-thirds of Esteban Orive’s monster cock. Some sites say it’s 10 inches, others claim it’s 11 inches. Let’s just say it’s XXL and leave it at that. This is Miracle’s first time on Tim Tales, but it’s his second time bottoming on video. And this one is something to see. Esteban is ...

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Santi Noguera & Sergi Rodriguez Get Dirty in the Shower

santi noguera and sergi rodriguez

Santi Noguera gets playful in the shower and sprays Sergi Rodriguez with a hose. I’ve never seen Noguera before, but I’m all eyes now thanks to Butch Dixon. This Spanish muscle daddy oozes sex, hell, he’s even got SEX tattooed on his pelvis. He’s sporting a goatee and his hair is cropped short. His meaty, carved pecs drive me nuts, ...

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Lobo Iberico Fucks Marko Bulto

marko bulto sits on loboiberico's cock

Lobo Iberico is a sexy Spanish daddy, he’s new to porn, but he knows how to make a bottom’s ass feel good. He’s appearing in his first video at M2M Club and they’ve paired him up with bottom bear Marko Bulto, who has appeared in the site’s videos a number of times. (Bulto also got his ass fucked three times ...

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First-Time Bottom Antonio Miracle Gets Pulverized by Eider Lujan

antonio miracle gets fucked by eider lujan

This might be Antonio Miracle’s first time bottoming on video, but it’s not his first time getting fucked — no newbie can take a pounding this brutal. I don’t know much about Eider Lujan except that’s he’s a 30-year-old Colombian living in Spain, he’s sporting a gigantic uncut cock, and this is his first scene for Dark Alley XT. And he ...

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Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech in “Fucking Fabian”

antonio miracle fucking fabian

Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech broke up a few months back, but they keep showing up in videos together, but given advanced production schedules, it’s unavoidable. In Fucking Fabian from Dark Alley XT, both Antonio and Mario take a crack at Fabian’s ass in separate scenes, and it’s hard to decide which top I prefer — do I have to ...

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Mario Domenech Rides Hugo Arenas’s Super Fat Cock

mario domenech sucking hugo arenas fat cock

It’s the height of summer in Spain and Hugo Arenas and Mario Domenech show us that it’s never to hot to fuck. The men are sunbathing on a balcony when this Fuckermate video opens, but Mario is horny for Hugo’s giant Cuban cock. Man, he’s packing a thick one. But that doesn’t stop Mario from stretching his mouth around it ...

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Dodgy Businessman Submits to Cop’s Thorough Strip Search

felipe ferro face fucking jose quevedo

Jose Quevedo is a handsome hunk used to sliding through life on his sex appeal, but he’s also a dodgy businessman. In Lawless, just released at Men at Play, Officer Felipe Ferro comes along just as Quevedo is breaking into a shipping container. Jose tries running away, but the policeman gives chase. The officer pats down the executive and eventually ...

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Blond Pleasure with Alex Rubio and Hugo Urbina

alex rubio sucking hugo urbina's cock

Poor Alex Rubio is partnered with hung top Hugo Urbina who only seems to have one fucking speed — hard and fast. But the young bottom takes Hugo’s rapid fire drilling and doesn’t complain. Still, they should nickname him Hugo the Ass Wrecker. When this new Lucio Saints video opens, Alex and Hugo are lounging on a patio in their ...

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Two Argentinian Straight Men Get Head from Guys

hairy straight man gets blowjob

“Straight” means different things in different countries. As you’ll see when you visit Spanish Cruising, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, straight men aren’t so uptight about letting a guy suck their cocks. It’s just a blowjob, it apparently doesn’t mean you’re gay. Not even a little bit? First up is this hairy hunk who sits back and watches Andres swallow his ...

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Aday Traun Fucks Antonio Miracle at Butch Dixon

antonio miracle kissing aday traun's cock

Antonio Miracle sure is making up for lost time. Since splitting up with his lover Mario Domenech, Miracle has been on a whirlwind tour of the European porn sites. I can’t keep up with all the scenes he has coming out right now. This week, he’s bottoming for Aday Traun in his first scene at Butch Dixon. Only a couple ...

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Max Duran Bottoms for Chris Adam in “Merciless”

chris adam and max duran

When I first saw bearded top Chris Adam leaning back and getting his dick sucked, I mistook him for another performer Rich Kelly. I was excited because Kelly (one of my faves) disappeared from Pornland a while back; I thought he came to his senses and returned to porn filming. No such luck. But in this scene called Merciless, an equally ...

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Hairy Stud Aaron Steel Works Up a Sweat

aaron steel

Aaron Steel is a furry Spanish stud based in London and he’s been making the rounds on the British porn sites, so it was only a matter of time before he brought his sexiness to Hard Brit Lads. He’s handsome with plump, kissable lips and when they say he “works up a real sweat,” they definitely mean it. By the ...

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Real-Life Lovers Aday Traun & Isaac Eliad Fuck at Butch Dixon

aday traun and issac eliad

Watching real-life lovers in porn is one of my favourites, it’s a turn-on getting a glimpse into a couple’s bedroom. Isaac Eliad and Aday Traun are a couple of Spanish porn hunks who call Madrid home and they’re just filmed their first video with Butch Dixon. When the scene opens, they’re sitting on the sofa in the jeans shorts, sneakers, ...

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Mario Domenech’s First Scene as a Single Man

mario domenech sucks lucio saints huge cock

It’s always sad to hear that a couple has broken up, especially when the gay community has fought so long and hard for the right to marry. I just learned today that Spanish gay porn performers Mario Domenech and Antonio Miracle have split up. I read about it on QueerPig and my buddy there says that he’s not sure when ...

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