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Connor Maguire in White Underwear & Naked

connor maguire

Forbidden Encounters is Connor Maguire’s latest scene over at Icon Male. He’s crushing hard on older man Dirk Caber, and while the two have been sleeping together for a while, they’re trying to keep it on the down-lo because Caber is also a long-time friend of Connor’s mother. Here are some glamour shots from the movie featuring the ginger stud ...

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“It’s Not a Bad Way to Die.”

dirk caber and connor maguire

Connor Maguire has been having an affair with older man Dirk Caber, who also happens to be his mother’s friend of 20 years. This is the third episode of Forbidden Encouters at Icon Male, and as most of director Nica Noelle’s films do, this series explores relationships that cross a line. After a marathon fuck session, Connor and Dirk are ...

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“You Planned This, Huh?”

connor maguire and brenner bolton

Window washer Connor Maguire gets an eyeful when he sees Brenner Bolton sitting back on his bed stroking his dick. Connor pulls his cock out of his coveralls, but before he can get much of a rhythm going, Brenner waves him in. Walking through the sliding doors with his dick in hand, Connor says, “You planned this, huh?” Brenner keeps ...

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Very Furry Ginger Gets More Head

guy gets ass fingered during blowjob

Lance was 19 years old when he did his first video for Spunkworthy. He jacked his dick, got two blowjobs, and even did one of the site’s rare fucking scenes, then he disappeared. Two years later, he emailed site owner Jason to see if they could do another blowjob scene. Jason’s never one to say no, and he was certainly ...

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Paddy O’Brian’s First Time Giving a Blowjob Is Much Ado About Nothing

connor maguire gets blowjob from paddy o'brian

It’s been two years since Paddy O’Brian got fucked for the first time and he took his sweet time getting down on his knees to give his first blowjob on camera. promised to blow our minds with the second season of Gay of Thrones where not only does Paddy O’Brian suck Connor Maguire’s cock, but he flip-flops with the ...

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Steven Ponce Rides Scotty Rage by the Pool

scotty rage fucking steven ponce

Lying back on his lounge chair, Scotty Rage puts his hands behind his head and lets Steven Ponce ride his cock. “I love watching my dick disappearing in that hole,” he grunts. Steven’s meaty freckled ass or Scotty’s thick dick and hairy pubes, I can’t decide which excites me more. I love it all. And watching things from Scotty’s perspective, ...

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Ginger Stud Andro Maas Dildo Fucking in Locker Room

ginger andro maas sits on butt plug

Andro Maas is such a striking ginger stud — I love his neatly trimmed beard — and he’s playing with his uncut dick in the locker room over at UK Hot Jocks. He slips his hand into his lace-up baseball shorts and hauls out his heavy-hanging meat. (If you like foreskin overhang, Maas has lots of hood.) He flexes, plays ...

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Ginger Bearded Skateboarder Kiefer

bearded ginger skateboarder kiefer

Kiefer is a ginger skateboarder from Kansas, but he’s living in Hawaii now. He says that he’s been working on the beard for four months now. Wow! He’s cash poor and hasn’t made any money since he arrived, so he’s pretty happy to pull out his cock and jack off for Island Studs. He doesn’t mind getting down on all ...

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Teddy Shoves His Fat Cock in Curtis’ Ass

curtis looking up at teddy's fat cock

I know I shouldn’t believe anything I read on a gay porn site, like when Teddy told Sean Cody that fucking Joey was indeed his first time with a guy. Seeing Teddy sticking his fat uncut cock in Joey’s bum was exciting, but knowing that was his first time added a little something extra. But this week, I see Teddy’s ...

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Bennett Anthony and Sean Duran in “Tattooed and Screwed”

bennett anthony and sean duran kissing

Bennett Anthony has been screwing Sean Duran on his belly for a few minutes, he grabs Duran’s wrists pulling his arms behind his back and continues thrusting. What’s this called? The wheelbarrow? Then, over Duran’s shoulder, we get a glimpse of Bennett’s fiery bush peeking over Duran’s fleshy mounds. I love Bennett’s wild and untrimmed pubes. They fascinate me. They’re ...

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Jaxon Colt Soaks Bennett Anthony’s Beard in a Shocking Cum Blast

bennett anthony sucking jaxon colt's cock

It’s not easy to fake chemistry and passion. Most porn performers don’t have the acting chops to pull it off without looking smarmy and overacted. Bennett Anthony and Jaxon Colt aren’t acting — they’ve got it bad for each other.’s “Bathe and Misbehave” is one of the sexiest videos of the year and it starts off with deep kissing ...

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Ginger Bear Frolicking Naked in the Ocean

ginger bear steve ellis nked in ocean

Men in porn often look overly serious, so it’s nice to see ginger bear Steve Ellis enjoying a naked swim in the ocean. Look at him laughing his head off while the waves crash into his ass. And check out the picture down below where he’s playfully sticking out his tongue, he looks like a ball of fun. He just ...

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Brad Kalvo Barebacks Redhead Devan Bryant

brad kalvo fucking devan bryant

I can’t keep up with Brad Kalvo, he’s one of the hardest working hunks in gay porn these days. This is his eighth scene for Cocksure Men and his second bareback fuck over there. Devan Bryant is the sexy redhead joining Kalvo and he dives right in and deep throats Brad’s long cock while the hairy hunk twists his own ...

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Bound Steven Ponce’s Dildo Challenge

bound steven ponce sucking a dildo

Redhead Steven Ponce has been issued a challenge: Before With his wrists tied to his legs, then he has to squirm over to the dildo plunged to the floor. If he can manage to get the dildo’s head lubed and into his puckered butt hole, then Bound Jocks will untie him so he can stuff his ass and blow his ...

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Why Do I Want to Jump in the Sack with Mixology’s Andrew Santino?

andrew santino

Are ginger men the new black? Thanks to ABC’s “Mixology,” we could be tripping over redhead men this summer. I caught the debut episode of “Mixology” and I couldn’t stop staring at Andrew Santino. He plays Bruce, a crass straight man who will do whatever it takes to get laid. It doesn’t take much screen time before I’m saying: “What ...

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