Colby Keller Fucks Bennett Anthony in “Make Me An Offer”

colby keller fucking bennett anthony

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Colby Keller has inherited his great-uncle’s house and as he puts out an “estate sale” sign on the front lawn, he runs into Bennett Anthony. It turns out that Bennett and Uncle Sam had a regular thing going and now Bennett’s looking for a memento of daddy. When Colby won’t give him the watch he wants, Bennett offers himself to sweeten the deal. Watching this ginger sucking Colby’s cock is what I’ve been waiting to see. He’s all over that thing.

The fucking is hot with Colby bending Bennett over the bed and drilling him hard, but the last few minutes are awesome. Colby’s lying back and Bennett mounts him in a reverse cowboy, then he lies back on Colby so they can kiss. They take turns with Colby thrusting up and Bennett pounded down, necking and panting until Bennett finally announces that he’s going to cum. After coating Colby’s beard, he lies back for his turn. Wow! Colby shoots a big gob of jizz right in his mouth, then another couple wads across Bennett’s face, squirts three and four fly onto the sheets somewhere, and poor Bennett’s tongue is wagging for more. And there’s more coming. Cum fans will lover Colby’s shot, it’s an award winner.

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“Can I Cum Inside You?”

kidd red sucking jay ricci's cock

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Stocky top daddy Jay Ricci and Kidd Red are real-life fuck buddies. They screw regularly and Hot Older Male was invited to film one of their raw fucks. Ricci’s is a bottom’s dream come true. He takes control and runs his dirty mouth. Kidd Red barely has his lips on Ricci’s cock and the daddy grunts, “That’s it, fucking suck it.” Sitting back on the couch, Ricci barks at Red telling him just how he wants his meat serviced.

Sitting side by side, Jay kisses Kidd and fingers the lad’s hole. This gets Red moaning and lifting his legs — he’s ready for daddy’s dick. Red keels on the couch and Ricci pushes inside and opens him up with slow forceful thrusts. Kidd Red braces against the sofa and howls. Jay flips Red over and drills him on his back. He leans on Red’s thighs and the lad’s socked feet flail in the air. “I’m not done with you get,” Jay grunts. He’s drills Red harder than ever and finally snarls, “Can I cum inside you?”

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Ginger Plumber Jimmy Dube Fucks Samuel Stone’s Sexy Butt

jimmy dube and samuel stone

jimmy dube and samuel stone at men of montreal

Jimmy Dube works as a plumber in the Northern Alberta oil patch. It’s isolated and there’s not much to do, so every few weeks he flies back to Montreal to let loose. Lately, that’s included exploring guy-on-guy sex and filming scenes with Men of Montreal. Dube (pronounced dew-bay) is straight, but he’s definitely curious about men. Sounds to me like being stuck in Northern Alberta with a bunch of oilfield rednecks is a perfect place to be.

This is Dube’s second time with Samuel Stone. The pair did a video a few weeks back where Stone Fleshjacked Jimmy’s delicious cock and sucked him off, then he followed up fucking his first guy on camera (Matthew Parker), and now he’s back with Stone. And this time around, Dube and Stone go all the way.

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“You Want Daddy’s Fucking Load?”

rusty buck gives blowjob to justin cumming

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Rusty Buck is relaxing at his favourite bar having a beer. He sees redneck Justin Cumming enter the bar and he’s thrilled when the daddy heads his way. Cumming sits beside Rusty, then he grabs Rusty’s long ginger beard, holds him, and kisses him. After a passionate snog, Cumming raises his arm and Rusty dives into his hairy pit for a snort and a long lick. The men quickly shed their pants and swap head. Man, it’s been too long since I had sex in a bar.

After gulping Justin’s dick, Rusty pushes his legs forward and feasts on his hole for a long while. Then the bald bottom bends over the wooden platform and gets his ass pumped, slowly at first, but then increasingly harder. If you like furry butts, Rusty’s is covered with ginger fur, it even crawls up the undersides of his thighs. Rusty lies back on the platform and holds his leg while Cumming slides his raw cock inside him and drills forcefully. He leans heavily on Rusty pounding into him, his hairy back glistens with sweat, and as his nut builds, Cumming grunts, “You want Daddy’s fucking load? Do you want it?” Rusty pants for it and the bear fills his ass.

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Connor Maguire in White Underwear & Naked

connor maguire

connor maguire

Forbidden Encounters is Connor Maguire’s latest scene over at Icon Male. He’s crushing hard on older man Dirk Caber, and while the two have been sleeping together for a while, they’re trying to keep it on the down-lo because Caber is also a long-time friend of Connor’s mother. Here are some glamour shots from the movie featuring the ginger stud in a tight pair of white briefs. You can see previews of his scene with Caber in my review called “It’s Not a Bad Way to Die.”

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“It’s Not a Bad Way to Die.”

dirk caber and connor maguire

dirk caber and connor maguire

Connor Maguire has been having an affair with older man Dirk Caber, who also happens to be his mother’s friend of 20 years. This is the third episode of Forbidden Encouters at Icon Male, and as most of director Nica Noelle’s films do, this series explores relationships that cross a line. After a marathon fuck session, Connor and Dirk are sleeping in and Connor stirs first. As they snuggle Connor says, “I wish I could do this more often.” Dirk chuckles, “You’d probably kill me.” Connor is twenty years Dirk’s junior and still has the boundless sexual energy of a young man in his prime. “Not a bad way to die,” Connor says with a smirk.

It’s such a pleasure watching videos where the men real enjoy each other (so many Pornland flicks look like the men are going through the motions); Dirk and Connor have great chemistry and it’s clear they’re having a good time, not only from their huffing and panting, but their chortling and chuckling too. Dirk is on his back and Connor simultaneously strokes Dirk’s cock and thrusts into his ass. “Oh here we go,” Dirk grunts, then seconds later, sticky ropes of jizz fly out of his dick. Connor lies back beside Dirk jerking his hard-on while Dirk plays with his nipple and kisses him. Connor pulls back from Dirk and sighs heavily, “Oh my God.” Then he blows his wad across his belly.

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“You Planned This, Huh?”

connor maguire and brenner bolton

connor maguire spying on brenner bolton

Window washer Connor Maguire gets an eyeful when he sees Brenner Bolton sitting back on his bed stroking his dick. Connor pulls his cock out of his coveralls, but before he can get much of a rhythm going, Brenner waves him in. Walking through the sliding doors with his dick in hand, Connor says, “You planned this, huh?” Brenner keeps jerking and asks, “What makes you say that?”

“The blinds are cracked perfectly, the door’s wide open, and you’re lying there naked,” Connor replies playing with his boner. “Does that make me a bad boy?” Brenner smirks. “It makes you a very bad boy,” Connor says walking to the bed. And you know what happens to bad boys — they must be punished with a hard fuck. If you’ve never seen Bolton’s oral skills, the stud knows how to hoover a cock, and he doesn’t disappoint here with Maguire’s big dick.

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Very Furry Ginger Gets More Head

guy gets ass fingered during blowjob

hairy guy getting his ass fingered

Lance was 19 years old when he did his first video for Spunkworthy. He jacked his dick, got two blowjobs, and even did one of the site’s rare fucking scenes, then he disappeared. Two years later, he emailed site owner Jason to see if they could do another blowjob scene. Jason’s never one to say no, and he was certainly happy he didn’t because Lance has stopped trimming everything — he’s embracing his furriness. Except for a sparse area between his hairy chest and very furry belly, Lance’s torso is almost completely covered. Hairy legs, wildly untrimmed pubes, and a very fuzzy butt … it just keeps getting better. And not only does Jason give Lance some much-needed head, but he fingers the stud’s ass through most of the blowjob. And when Lance is ready to cum, he wraps his hands around Jason’s head and smashes him up and down on his dick.

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Paddy O’Brian’s First Time Giving a Blowjob Is Much Ado About Nothing

connor maguire gets blowjob from paddy o'brian

connor maguire and paddy o'brian

It’s been two years since Paddy O’Brian got fucked for the first time and he took his sweet time getting down on his knees to give his first blowjob on camera. promised to blow our minds with the second season of Gay of Thrones where not only does Paddy O’Brian suck Connor Maguire’s cock, but he flip-flops with the ginger in an outdoor scene. Unfortunately, Paddy’s performance doesn’t live up to the hype, but it has little to do with his oral abilities. Connor Maguire never really gets hard, so we’re left watch Paddy trying to suck Connor’s floppy cock.

The guys are filming outdoors and I’m assuming it’s late spring because there are patches on snow on the ground, so the cold temperature likely had something to do with Maguire not boning up. The blowjob only lasts three minutes, then Connor takes his turn sucking Paddy, who has no trouble getting rock hard. The fucking is much more fun to watch as the men screw each other under a tree. Paddy gets fucked first, then he drills the cum out of Connor and fires off a squirting load all over the ginger’s back. Here’s hoping that doesn’t make us wait too long before we can see Paddy giving a proper blowjob.

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Steven Ponce Rides Scotty Rage by the Pool

scotty rage fucking steven ponce

scotty rage and steven ponce

Lying back on his lounge chair, Scotty Rage puts his hands behind his head and lets Steven Ponce ride his cock. “I love watching my dick disappearing in that hole,” he grunts. Steven’s meaty freckled ass or Scotty’s thick dick and hairy pubes, I can’t decide which excites me more. I love it all. And watching things from Scotty’s perspective, it’s not hard to see why he’s so turned on. Eventually Rage wraps his arms around Steven and holds him in place while he thrusts up into him. Hard. He puts Steven on his hands and knees on the chair and grabs a fist full of that ginger hair and bucks him hard. Then he spoon fucks Steven until he hears, “I’m gonna cum.” Scotty pulls out saying, “Yeah, lemme see. I want to see you cum.” And he laps up Steven’s jizz as quickly as it hits his skin.

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Ginger Stud Andro Maas Dildo Fucking in Locker Room

ginger andro maas sits on butt plug

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Andro Maas is such a striking ginger stud — I love his neatly trimmed beard — and he’s playing with his uncut dick in the locker room over at UK Hot Jocks. He slips his hand into his lace-up baseball shorts and hauls out his heavy-hanging meat. (If you like foreskin overhang, Maas has lots of hood.) He flexes, plays with his nipples, and tugs on his cock. He massages his butt hole and gets it primed for some action with his favourite butt plug, then after plunging it to the locker, he backs onto it and stretches his hole. Hot! I want one of those. With his ass opened, the ginger lad grabs an even bigger toy and sits on it. With the plug buried deep inside his pink hole, he unloads his nuts. Unfortunately, it sounds like Andro Maas is leaving Pornland, he recently tweeted: “I will be starting a day job June 15th 2015 working mon-fri I will be stopping porn at the end of June.” But I’m an optimist and have my fingers crossed that he still find time to squeeze out a scene here and there.

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Ginger Bearded Skateboarder Kiefer

bearded ginger skateboarder kiefer


Kiefer is a ginger skateboarder from Kansas, but he’s living in Hawaii now. He says that he’s been working on the beard for four months now. Wow! He’s cash poor and hasn’t made any money since he arrived, so he’s pretty happy to pull out his cock and jack off for Island Studs. He doesn’t mind getting down on all fours naked and scrubbing window screens while we look at his furry hole — money’s money. He also isn’t bothered by us watching him pumping out his cum load on the furry patch under his navel.

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Teddy Shoves His Fat Cock in Curtis’ Ass

curtis looking up at teddy's fat cock

teddy plunge fucking curtis

I know I shouldn’t believe anything I read on a gay porn site, like when Teddy told Sean Cody that fucking Joey was indeed his first time with a guy. Seeing Teddy sticking his fat uncut cock in Joey’s bum was exciting, but knowing that was his first time added a little something extra. But this week, I see Teddy’s ad on under the San Jose male escorts section. I’m disappointed. But what’s Sean Cody supposed to say? “So Teddy, I hear you’re a hooker … sorry, personal fitness model.” Not very enticing is it? (You can see his ad at the bottom of the post.)

Nevertheless, I have to check out Teddy’s new scene on Sean Cody, not only to see his fat uncut cock again, but because he’s fucking ginger power bottom Curtis. It’s a hot session, but there’s one particularly delicious moment: Teddy is standing over Curtis and plunge fucking him backwards, Curtis is looking up at Teddy’s ass and he pushes his own hard-on into Teddy’s crack as if he’s going to fuck him. I wish he had pushed it in, that would have been hot. And for the cum finale they are fucking against the wall, you can see Curtis’ lubed hand prints all over the curtains, and as Teddy plows him, Curtis doesn’t give the standard “I’m gonna cum” warning, he simply howls, “I’m cumming!” and drains his nuts on the floor.

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Bennett Anthony and Sean Duran in “Tattooed and Screwed”

bennett anthony and sean duran kissing

bennett anthony and sean duran

Bennett Anthony has been screwing Sean Duran on his belly for a few minutes, he grabs Duran’s wrists pulling his arms behind his back and continues thrusting. What’s this called? The wheelbarrow? Then, over Duran’s shoulder, we get a glimpse of Bennett’s fiery bush peeking over Duran’s fleshy mounds. I love Bennett’s wild and untrimmed pubes. They fascinate me. They’re one of the things that turn me on most about him.

I’ve been a fan ever since Bennett Anthony first popped up on last September. I was instantly taken with his deep rusty beard. It’s startling at first because we don’t see a lot of gingers in gay porn, but I can’t take my eyes off of it. In Tattooed and Screwed Sean Duran and Bennett Anthony are playing lovers. They’re into each other with lots of kissing and it’s always a pleasure watching Bennett eating ass in his signature move: they’re in a 69 position with Bennett standing on the floor beside the bed, and while Duran sucks his cock, Bennett wraps his arms around Duran’s meaty butt and pulls it up into his beard and dives in with his tongue. Even hotter, Bennett makes Sean beg for his cock: “Say you want my cock.”

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Jaxon Colt Soaks Bennett Anthony’s Beard in a Shocking Cum Blast

bennett anthony sucking jaxon colt's cock

bennett anthony and jaxon colt having bath tub sex

It’s not easy to fake chemistry and passion. Most porn performers don’t have the acting chops to pull it off without looking smarmy and overacted. Bennett Anthony and Jaxon Colt aren’t acting — they’ve got it bad for each other.’s “Bathe and Misbehave” is one of the sexiest videos of the year and it starts off with deep kissing and dick sucking in the bathtub. Then, and after bending Colt over the vanity and eating his furry hole, Bennett takes him to bed. The screwing is hot-blooded, emotional, and spirited.

Bennett Anthony has come such a long way since his first scene with Johnny Rapid. The bearded redhead was a nervous porn newbie whose dirty talk lexicon consisted of “oh yeah … fuck yeah” repeated 400 times. But with Jaxon, Bennett can’t catch his breath and he adores the blond’s touches, kisses, and eventually, his warm mouth. He pants sweet nothings like “Baby, you feel so good” or “You’re so fucking hot.” Not much more than a whisper, but we hear them.

On the bed, Bennett slips behind Jaxon and buries his bone. Then Jaxon takes over, pushing his ass back and forth on Bennett’s cock. Bennett’s in heaven. After a fervent fuck, Jaxon mounts Bennett, sitting on his dick and stroking himself to the finish line. Bennett lifts his head to watch Jaxon cum. A tiny dollop blobs onto Bennett’s chest, then a massive cum stream blasts out of Jaxon’s cock and hits Bennett right in his open mouth. Before he can react, two more bursts splatter Bennett’s rusty beard. It’s shocking and exciting.

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bennett anthony and jaxon colt fuck passionately in bed

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