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Brock Came for a Blowjob, But Got a Lot More

sean and brock suck and fuck

Bearded cocksucker Sean isn’t a fan of blow and go quickies, but sometimes that’s all a guy wants. A few of the regulars are used to calling up New York Straight Men to see if they can stop by after work and drop a load. Brock is one of those men and he’s gotten his dick sucked a few times ...

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Three Men Sit Back and Get Sucked Off

bald man watching cocksucker lick his nuts

There’s nothing like sitting back and letting a cocksucker work you over. Getting head is one of the most self-indulgent, glorious things a man can experience — well, if the cocksucker knows what he’s doing. Dave is a beefy muscle bear, bald but furry, and he has had his meat serviced a number of times at New York Straight Men. ...

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A Year Is a Long Time to Wait for a Good Blowjob

bearded cocksucker blowing straight dude

Mark is a Manhattan marketing guy who enjoys getting sucked off, but he doesn’t like pulling out, he prefers unloading down a hungry throat. Who doesn’t? He showed up at New York Straight Men a year ago and resident cocksucker Sean took care of him. (That scene is at the bottom of this post.) I remember when Sean joined NYSM ...

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It’s Been a While Since Dominic Got Head from a Guy

bearded cocksucker blowing straight guy

I don’t really care who is or isn’t sucking Dominic’s cock off camera. All I can think about is having my hands planted on his meaty pecs while gulping his dick. And he’s decently hung, although not a monster, and I enjoy blowing guys like that best. Jim is the bearded cocksucker taking care of Dominic in this New York ...

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Blow Buddies Suck Each Other Off

bearded man with a big cock in his mouth

It looks like New York Straight Men in moving away from designated cocksuckers blowing the horny men who stop by the site’s apartment. For years that’s how thing have gone at NYSM, but a little while ago they stared doing these ridiculous scenes where two straight men were apparently stiffed by a cocksucker who didn’t show. The two men were ...

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When a Guy Shoves his Ass in Your Face, You Eat It, Then Fuck It

sebastian sitting on brock's cock

Things have been getting a lot more hardcore over at New York Straight Men these days. It used to be that a straight man would show up wanting head and one of the resident cocksuckers would give it to him. But over the past few months, there have been several sessions where two guys show up at the same time ...

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“Straight” Man Ramsey Sucks Dick Better Than Most Gay Men

face fucking a hairy man

I don’t know Ramsey and Brock from New York Straight Men, so I can’t vouch for their back stories about having a girlfriend and a wife. But what I’m pretty sure about is that straight men probably can’t deep throat a big cock without having had a lot of practice. And Brock has a big one. (How much practicing can ...

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Straight Men Met at a Swingers Party

bearded men kissing

Michael and Rick met at a swinger’s party; Michael was with his girlfriend and Rick with his wife. As the fun was winding down, Michael pulled Rick aside to see if he was up for a private play session on video for New York Straight Men. Michael is no stranger to NYSM, he’s gotten blowjobs many times by the cocksuckers ...

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Sucking Off a Furry Puerto Rican Dude

furry puerto rican guy gets blowjob

My eyes sure did perk up when Otto fell into my e-mail box this week. He’s a sexy Puerto Rican guy, bald with a full beard and a very furry and lean body. He’s straight, or so he says, however, he does say that “every so often” he lets a dude suck him off, as long as it’s on the ...

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Logan Doesn’t Care Who Gives Him Head

blowing a hairy straight man

Sean’s been on his knees giving blowjobs at New York Straight Men for a couple of months now — he’s sucked off about 25 men over there. And while hairy straight man Logan is a regular at the site, he hasn’t had his dick serviced by this cocksucker. (When Logan applied for the blow boy position, he submitted references, so ...

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His Girlfriend Sucks at Sucking

sucking off a straight guy

I’ve been thinking about starting a cocksucker’s club, you know, a group of regular men looking for some early-morning head. It’d be so much easier having a regular stable of men to blow instead of having to go hunting when the mood strikes. And if I had three or four men like Mark on my blowjob schedule, I’d be a ...

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Suck My Cop Dick

cocksucking blowing cop's big cock

When Sean pulls down Officer M’s underwear and his huge meaty cock flops out, you can hear the cocksucker sigh with delight. Sean is a fairly new blow boy over at New York Straight Men and he’s already given a lot of head and he’s even very good at it. But his throat hasn’t had a rough ride like this ...

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Blowing a Bearded Carpenter

deep throating hairy straight man's cock

This just fell into my inbox and I dropped everything to get this blowjob scene up. This is Frank the Tank and he’s one hot hairy, bearded fucker. He’s a carpenter and handyman from New York and he sure wouldn’t get out of my kitchen reno without whipping out his dick and letting me show him my appreciation for his ...

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Hairy Hunk Drilling Man Butt

bearded cocksucker with mouth open

I’ve really been enjoying the new resident cocksucker over at New York Straight Men, he’s a sexy bearded stud who loves his job. Since NYSM is a blowjob site, anal sex doesn’t happen very often, but it so happens that blow boy Sean likes to get his ass boned. He hadn’t been fucked in a year and wanted to end ...

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