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Alessio Romero Fucks Hunter Vance in “Half Hearted”

alessio romero and hunter vance

When we last saw Alessio Romero he had spent the afternoon fucking his lover Rikk York, and at the end of the first episode of Half Hearted, the pair made a pact to break up with their boyfriends so they could be together. As the second scene opens, Alessio’s boyfriend Hunter Vance has returned from his business trip and he’s horny ...

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Alessio Romero & Rikk York Fuck in “Half Hearted”

alessio romero and rikk york

Alessio Romero and Rikk York have a thing going on the side. In the first episode of Half Hearted, Alessio’s boyfriend has just left for a business trip, so he hightails it over to Rikk’s to get a little something. Rikk is pissed that Alessio showed up without calling, but he can’t resist the hunk and takes him upstairs. Rikk ...

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“I Want You to Tie Me Up.”

tony orion sucking alessio romero's cock

Alessio Romero and Tony Orion are playing horny lovers who have been sexting all day. When Men Over 30‘s “Binding Desires” opens, Tony is in his car texting with Alessio. “I want to try something different. I want you to tie me up,” Alessio writes. And when Tony arrives home, he finds Alessio standing in the foyer with red rope ...

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“Do You Like My Cock, Mr. Stevens?”

james hamilton and matt stevens fucking

Matt Stevens is working late at the office when janitor James Hamilton wheels through with his garbage cart. They exchange pleasantries as Hamilton empties the trash can and then heads on his way. Matt has noticed that the cleaner is packing some meat in his pants and the executive has always wondered how big it is. James is a rough ...

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Muscle Daddy Vic Rocco Spunks a Locker Room Mirror

vic rocco

Vic Rocco started filming porn in 2007, but he hasn’t been doing much over the past couple of years. A few weeks back, Rocco helped his real-life lover Jon Galt make his comeback after an eight-year absence. Vic fucked Jon over on High Performance Men. In this locker room solo Vic has just finished a workout. The testosterone is flowing ...

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Derek Parker Beating Off

derek parker

Derek Parker is an incredibly sexy man with a close-cropped beard and a body full of tattoos. He’s got a big cock and an even more impressive ass. He’s made quite a name for himself in bareback porn and we don’t often find him jacking his dick in solos, but Men Over 30 got him to drain his nuts all ...

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Mike Dozer Announces Launch of New Perfume “Dozer Obsession”

mike dozer obsession

Gay porn performer Mike Dozer announced exclusively to Joe Spunk this morning that he’s launching a new line of perfume for men called Dozer Obsession. “Not to toot my own horn, but I do have a big cock,” Dozer told Joe Spunk exclusively. “Everyone’s talking about it, so I decided it was time to think about a future beyond gay ...

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Mike Dozer Fucks JR Bronson

jr bronson sucking mike dozer's big cock

JR Bronson has one of the hottest butts in the gay porn business and Mike Dozer has a big, fat cock. I love them both, so it’s pretty hot seeing them in the same video. Bronson has been around for a while, but Dozer is still fairly new, he only started filming earlier this year. He’s a sexy fucker and ...

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Casey Williams Fucks Adam Herst

adam herst and casey williams kissing

I’ve worked in the gay porn scene for a long time and when I first saw Casey Williams in this new video, I thought he was a perfect candidate for my “Who the Fuck Is That?” section. But it turns out Williams made his first video back in 1992, so he’s not a newcomer, but somehow I missed him the ...

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Sexy Bearded Rich Kelly Fucks Lucas Allen

lucas allen giving rich kelly a blowjob

Rich Kelly’s dark, bushy beard drives me nuts. When he started doing porn a little while ago he was sporting a neatly trimmed beard and he looked hot back then. You can see what I mean in a post I did with Kelly and Logan Vaughn and another with Steven Ponce. After I saw him in a few film shoots, ...

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Cameron Kincade Worships Matt Stevens’ Feet & Cock

cameron kincade licking matt stevens feet

It’s nice to see something a little different in a gay porn video. When I saw Cameron Kincade paired up with Matt Stevens in this new video from Men Over 30, I knew there was going to be some daddy-boy stuff going on, but foot worship? A scene that really gets my cock revving hard. I’ve seen Kincade before and knows ...

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Steven Ponce Services Bank Manager Lance Hart for a Car Loan

lance hart giving steven ponce blowjob

I just heard Steven Ponce speaking in this new video and now I think he’s hotter than ever. Ponce bills himself as “the only red hair Puerto Rican porn star” and in this video from Men Over 30 we get to hear his sexy Puerto Rican accent, and it is hot. You either like ginger men or you don’t. But ...

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Cum Cannon Mitch Vaughn Soaks Bobby Hart’s Face

bobby hart giving mitch vaughn a blowjob

One of the best things about Mitch Vaughn is his supersonic cumshot. The dude’s dick is like a bazooka the way it sails his jizz through the air. And no one knows this better than Bobby Hart whose face gets splashed with Vaughn’s spunk from two feet away. In this new video from Men Over 30, Mitch is a real ...

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Jake Jennings Dildo Fucking his Ass

jake jennings

Jake Jennings is fairly new to gay porn, he’s only filmed a half dozen scenes, but he sure is making up for lost time. He’s got another couple of videos out this week and he’s shoving a long dildo up his ass in this one from Men Over 30. A couple of things stand out for me where Jennings is ...

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Big, Bald and Beefy – Jack Fantasy

black bald muscle hunk

When I first saw Jack, I thought, “Hubba hubba.” He’s a good-looking man with a big, beefy muscular body; he’s got those huge rolling shoulders I love so much. Of course being bald is always a plus for me, and he’s got a healthy-sized dick and a big pair of nuts, which don’t really show well in these preview pictures. ...

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