Doctor Dolf Dietrich Helps Nurse Bryan Cole With His Bedside Manner

dolf dietirch sucking bryan cole

dolf dietrich and bryan cole at men over 30

Dr. Dolf Dietrich pulls nurse Bryan Cole into an exam room to have a chat, there have been complaints about Cole’s bedside manner with some of the patients. “Here’s what we’re going to do,” says Dietrich. “Let’s do a little role play and I’ll pretend to be the patient and you show me how you treat the patient.” What a great line. Dietrich takes off his shirt so the nurse can check his blood pressure, and he sees that Cole is distracted. After some small talk, the doctor pulls the nurse toward him and they kiss. Then, with his scrubs around his ankles, Dietrich sits back on the bed while Bryan gulps his big cock. If this is typical, I wonder what the patients are complaining about.

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I enjoyed this Men Over 30 scene because Dietrich and Cole are into each other, there’s nothing put on — the sex is panting and fevered. My favourite sequence sees Cole down on all fours hugging the pillow with his ass arched high in the air, Dietrich squats over him and plugs his hole and drives the nurse crazy with his quick, deep thrusts. The angle of Dietrich’s cock puts Cole’s in bottom heaven and doesn’t want it to end. But they swap positions and Bryan sits on Dolf’s hard-on for a passionate riding session that’s every bit as hot. Dolf drills Bryan on his back and doctor and nurse blow their wads together and cream Cole’s smooth belly.

dolf dietrich and bryan cole at men over 30

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“I Can’t Believe He Let Me Cheat.”

matt stevens peter fields and scott riley

matt stevens, peter fields and scott riley at men over 30

Have you ever had a boyfriend walk in on you making out with another guy? I haven’t, which isn’t to say that I’ve never wandered. In Men Over 30‘s I Can’t Believe He Let Me Cheat, Matt Stevens and Scott Riley are fooling around and Matt assures Scott they have loads of time before his lover (Peter Fields) is expected home. Then minutes later while Matt is sucking Scott’s dick: “What the fuck!” Matt tries to calm down his boyfriend. “Baby, it was supposed to be a surprise for us.” Ha! That’s a good one. Apparently Matt and Peter have been talking about having a threeway.

Peter shrugs and hops in the bed saying, “Oh well, we just have to get through this.” The three men fall into a dick sucking frenzy, then Matt fucks Scott doggy style while the blond feasts on Peter’s thick cock. That’s a nice dick. Peter sits back against the headboard and Scott rides him in reverse while Matt gets horned up watching the cock-in-hole action. But Matt gets the last crack at Scott’s ass before the three men start unloading their nuts.

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matt stevens, peter fields and scott riley at men over 30

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“The Right Job for his Tool” with Max Sergent & Matt Stevens

construction workers max sergent and matt stevens

max sergent and matt stevens at men over 30

Matt Stevens in the new guy on the job and construction boss Max Sergent heads into the workshop to have a talk about his progress. After telling Matt that he’s pleased with his work, Max launches into some bro talk about some trouble he’s having with his wife: “I’m a little thick for her,” he stammers, adding, “She has a hard time taking me.” Stevens says that maybe Max just hasn’t found the right person, then he leans in for a grope and a kiss. Then Matt kneels and shows the boss that his dick fits perfectly down his throat. “Fuck my wife never does that,” Max groans and Matt continues sucking his dick. The boss bends Stevens over to see if his fat cock fits inside Matt’s ass.

Watch Max Sergent Fucking Matt Stevens

max sergent and matt stevens at men over 30


Alessio Romero Fucks Hunter Vance in “Half Hearted”

alessio romero and hunter vance

alessio romero and hunter vance

When we last saw Alessio Romero he had spent the afternoon fucking his lover Rikk York, and at the end of the first episode of Half Hearted, the pair made a pact to break up with their boyfriends so they could be together. As the second scene opens, Alessio’s boyfriend Hunter Vance has returned from his business trip and he’s horny for his man. He gets on his knees and blows his boyfriend right there in the kitchen, then Alessio bends him over the counter and fucks his ass hard. After some acrobatic fucking between the counters, Hunter lies on the floor and Alessio rains cum all over him. Does Alessio cum and run? Does he break up with Hunter?

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Alessio Romero & Rikk York Fuck in “Half Hearted”

alessio romero and rikk york

alessio romero and rikk york kissing

Alessio Romero and Rikk York have a thing going on the side. In the first episode of Half Hearted, Alessio’s boyfriend has just left for a business trip, so he hightails it over to Rikk’s to get a little something. Rikk is pissed that Alessio showed up without calling, but he can’t resist the hunk and takes him upstairs. Rikk isn’t happy when a phone call from Alessio’s boyfriend interrupts their make-out session, nor does he like Alessio lying about being at the gym.

For me, the standout moment in this scene has Rikk lying on his back and Alessio kneels and face fucks his lover, and while Rikk gulps his cock, Alessio reaches between Rikk’s legs and fingers his hole. It’s such a horny moment. Their passion turns to vigorous fucking as Alessio slams Rikk’s ass hard until he unloads on Rikk’s hard-on, then Alessio cuddles his lover and chews on his nipple while Rikk drops a heavy stream of jizz on his belly. They agree they can’t hold off any longer and make a deal to break up with their boyfriends before their next session.

Watch Rikk York & Alessio Romero in Half Hearted

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“I Want You to Tie Me Up.”

tony orion sucking alessio romero's cock

alessio romero and tony orion at men over 30

Alessio Romero and Tony Orion are playing horny lovers who have been sexting all day. When Men Over 30‘s “Binding Desires” opens, Tony is in his car texting with Alessio. “I want to try something different. I want you to tie me up,” Alessio writes. And when Tony arrives home, he finds Alessio standing in the foyer with red rope in his hand. They head to the bedroom and after a round of kissing and blowjobs, Tony ties Alessio’s hands to the metal bed frame and fucks his ass.

A couple of notables about this scene. First, I was surprised that Alessio and Tony were the same height, I always though Romero was a tall man, but they’re both 5’9″. Both men are also versatile, but I’m partial to watching Orion as a bottom, his physicality just seems to suit it better. Still, he does a good job topping Alessio who remains tied up through the whole session. Tony jacks off Alessio after fucking him, then unloads his nuts over Alessio’s cummy belly. This is Tony Orion’s fifth scene for Men Over 30 and Alessio Romero’s tenth video for the studio.

Watch Tony Orion Pound Alessio Romero’s Ass

alessio romero and tony orion at men over 30

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“Do You Like My Cock, Mr. Stevens?”

james hamilton and matt stevens fucking

matt stevens and james hamilton

Matt Stevens is working late at the office when janitor James Hamilton wheels through with his garbage cart. They exchange pleasantries as Hamilton empties the trash can and then heads on his way. Matt has noticed that the cleaner is packing some meat in his pants and the executive has always wondered how big it is. James is a rough looker, not exactly the kind of guy you’d bring to the office Christmas party, but definitely a guy you could blow down in his workroom when everyone has gone home for the night. So, Stevens heads down to the basement.

Hamilton is fiddling at his workbench and he’s started when he turns around and sees Matt standing there. He also notices the boss is squeezing his crotch. He’s confused for a moment, then gropes himself. As Matt moves in closer the janitor says, “Do you like my cock, Mr. Stevens?” The executive doesn’t answer, he just grabs James’ bulge in his overalls. The janitor unzips and flops out his meaty dick and a huge pair of round low hangers, “Let’s see what you can do with this.”

Watch the Preview of The Janitor’s Closet at Men Over 30

matt stevens and james hamilton

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Muscle Daddy Vic Rocco Spunks a Locker Room Mirror

vic rocco

vic rocco

Vic Rocco started filming porn in 2007, but he hasn’t been doing much over the past couple of years. A few weeks back, Rocco helped his real-life lover Jon Galt make his comeback after an eight-year absence. Vic fucked Jon over on High Performance Men. In this locker room solo Vic has just finished a workout. The testosterone is flowing and Vic’s dick is hard and oozing with precum, so he strokes his thick, veiny cock until he explodes all over the mirror in his locker.

Watch Vic Rocco’s Video at Men Over 30

Watch Vic Rocco’s Video at Men Over 30

Mike Dozer Announces Launch of New Perfume “Dozer Obsession”

mike dozer obsession

mike dozer obsession

Gay porn performer Mike Dozer announced exclusively to Joe Spunk this morning that he’s launching a new line of perfume for men called Dozer Obsession. “Not to toot my own horn, but I do have a big cock,” Dozer told Joe Spunk exclusively. “Everyone’s talking about it, so I decided it was time to think about a future beyond gay porn. A guy’s filming career doesn’t last forever.”

“I wanted to give my fans the opportunity to get Dozer’d in their own special way,” he tells Joe Spunk exclusively, adding that the perfume for men is a unique blend of scents mimicking the smell of his big cock somewhere between freshly showered and six hours in a jockstrap. “It’s not too clean and not too raunchy, it’s just right.”

Unfortunately Mike Dozer’s busy filming schedule has delayed the launch of Dozer Obsession until the new year. “I wanted to get the perfume on the shelves for the Christmas season,” Dozer told Joe Spunk exclusively. “But I’ve been extremely busy filming scenes, so I’m hoping to get Dozer Obsession out by Valentine’s Day.”

Meanwhile, Dozer told Joe Spunk exclusively that an additional perfume is under development. “I’m working on a new scent based on my post workout ass crack. It’s a muskier scent and we’re still perfecting it.”

mike dozer and brad kalvo

Mike Dozer has only been filming gay porn since late this spring, but he’s quickly become a magnet for controversy. When Brad Kalvo wanted to film his first bareback scene, Dozer offered his big beefy ass. And the Kalvo / Dozer video caused a fan stampede that almost crashed the servers over at Cocksure Men.

mike dozer and charlie harding condoms are for pussies

A couple of weeks later, Gay Porn Land went nuts when Charlie Harding decided to film his first bareback scene with Cocksure Men and he posed with scene partner Mike Dozer who was wearing a t-shirt saying, “Condoms Are For Pussies.” (Click that link to read the Joe Spunk exclusive about real meaning behind the t-shirt, it’s not what you think.)

And this week, Gay Porn Land is going nuts again because JR Bronson bottomed for Mike Dozer in a new Men Over 30 scene (see previews here at Joe Spunk under Mike Dozer Fucks JR Bronson). What’s the controversy? Mike Dozer wore a TRANSPARENT CONDOM while fucking JR Bronson!

You can follow Mike Dozer and Joe Spunk on Twitter.

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Mike Dozer Fucks JR Bronson

jr bronson sucking mike dozer's big cock

mike dozer and jr bronson

JR Bronson has one of the hottest butts in the gay porn business and Mike Dozer has a big, fat cock. I love them both, so it’s pretty hot seeing them in the same video. Bronson has been around for a while, but Dozer is still fairly new, he only started filming earlier this year. He’s a sexy fucker and one of my favourite scenes also rated very highly with you Spunkers, check him out with hairy hunk Brad Kalvo.

In this new video from Men Over 30 Dozer is the one doing the fucking. I asked Dozer on Twitter how it was screwing Bronson’s hot ass. “It was definitely a hot little muscle butt. I saw his ass in his jeans and … Wow!” and he adds, “He took it like a champ.” I’m not surprised, Bronson is an accomplished bottom. And now he’s another stud in the biz who has been Dozer’d.

Watch Mike Dozer Stuffing JR Bronson’s Hot Ass

mike dozer and jr bronson

See JR Bronson Taking Mike Dozer’s Huge Cock

Casey Williams Fucks Adam Herst

adam herst and casey williams kissing

casey williams and adam herst at men over 30

I’ve worked in the gay porn scene for a long time and when I first saw Casey Williams in this new video, I thought he was a perfect candidate for my “Who the Fuck Is That?” section. But it turns out Williams made his first video back in 1992, so he’s not a newcomer, but somehow I missed him the first time around. He took a break and returned to porn a couple of years ago, and still I missed him. Geez. How’d that happen?

Casey Williams is a handsome hunk with a massive upper body. He’s sporting those big, round shoulders I love so much and meaty pecs. He says in his pre-action interview that he loves oral and he wasn’t lying. Adam Herst has a 9-inch monster cock, no easy piece of meat to swallow, but Williams works that bone for a long time and scarfed down every inch of it. And when Herst thrusts hard up into Casey’s mouth, he doesn’t grimace, gag, or complain, he just gulps and Herst is in heaven.

Watch Casey Williams Swallowing Adam Herst’s Huge Dick

casey williams and adam herst at men over 30

Adam Herst is about as versatile as they come in gay porn. When he tops he’s often whipping, flogging, and abusing some poor butt slave. He’s a self-admitted kinky fucker. But even in his vanilla scenes, he doesn’t show his bottoms much mercy and drives his niner hard and deep. I love watching this man fuck ass.

But as a bottom, Herst likes it slow and sensual and Casey Williams isn’t in a hurry. Hanging over the sofa with his ass in the air, Herst moans and groans while Casey chows down on his ass. Herst whimpers and grunts showing how much he enjoying getting his hole serviced.

casey williams and adam herst at men over 30

Casey Williams first drills Herst’s ass doggy style, giving us a good look at his powerful body and he pumps his masculine bottom’s ass. But I really enjoyed it most when Adam sat on Casey’s hard-on and rode it deep. Nothing hotter than watching a bottom enjoying a bone with his monster meat flopping around. Adam lies back on the couch for his final dicking and he unloads a rather controlled cumshot planting several big pearls of spunk on his ripped abs. Williams really gets off seeing Herst’s banana-curved dick shooting spunk and he swirls his fist around his own cock head and squirts his jizz seconds later on Adam’s belly.

Watch These Horny Muscle Hunks Blasting their Loads Together

Sexy Bearded Rich Kelly Fucks Lucas Allen

lucas allen giving rich kelly a blowjob

rich kelly and lucas allen at men over 30

Rich Kelly’s dark, bushy beard drives me nuts. When he started doing porn a little while ago he was sporting a neatly trimmed beard and he looked hot back then. You can see what I mean in a post I did with Kelly and Logan Vaughn and another with Steven Ponce. After I saw him in a few film shoots, suddenly his beard was getting thicker and more bushy. Now, I’m a bigger fan than ever before.

I’m not sure who Lucas Allen is, I haven’t seen him before. I discovered that he appeared in another Men Over 30 video with Joe Parker and I’m going to have to get that one up here because Allen is a hot, furry stud and the boy can suck dick. He takes Rich Kelly’s dirty directions and sucks his dick just the way Rich wants it done.

I Love Watching Dirty-Talking Studs Screwing – See Them Here

rich kelly and lucas allen at men over 30

One of my absolute favourite moments in this scene has Lucas Allen on his hands and knees on the sofa and Kelly buries his beard his Allen’s ass. He’s wearing a blue jockstrap, which frames his untanned, furry ass perfectly. And seeing Kelly’s dark beard digging for gold got me very horny.

After swapping head back and forth, the guys lie on the floor for some vigorous 69 cock sucking. I always had problems with 69ing, you know, it’s hard patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, but Kelly has no problems bobbing on Lucas’ dick while thrusting his own meat in the boy’s throat. Never could master that, but it sure is hot watching a couple of guys who have.

rich kelly and lucas allen at men over 30

But the thing I loved most about this scene is that Kelly and Allen have great chemistry. They’re really enjoying each other and talking dirty. “Your hole feels so tight,” Kelly says after he’s buried his hard-on in Allen’s ass for the first time. “Yeah, you like that?” Allen asks. “You gonna give it to me?”

The guys are fucking on the floor and Kelly drills Allen’s hole until he splashes a huge load of cum all over himself, right up onto his chest. I’m pretty impressed with the volume of jizz until Rich’s balls start draining on Lucas’ furry belly. Fuck! So much spunk. Kelly’s a massive shooter. (BTW, that cumshot above is faked. If they take stills during the shooting of the video we end up hearing the camera clicking, but I assure you that Allen’s chest and belly are much more drenched than that.)

See Lucas Allen’s Furry Body Drenched in Spunk

Cameron Kincade Worships Matt Stevens’ Feet & Cock

cameron kincade licking matt stevens feet

matt stevens and cameron kincade

It’s nice to see something a little different in a gay porn video. When I saw Cameron Kincade paired up with Matt Stevens in this new video from Men Over 30, I knew there was going to be some daddy-boy stuff going on, but foot worship? A scene that really gets my cock revving hard. I’ve seen Kincade before and knows that he likes older men. but he has both topped and bottomed, and so has hairy hunk Matt Stevens, so this one could have gone either way.

When the scene opens, Stevens is kissing Kincade, but not full-on, oh-my-God-I-have-to-have-you necking. Matt plants gentle and firm kisses, then stops and withholds his lips, he grips Kincade’s chin in his thumb and finger, looks at him, then kisses him a little more. Finally Matt says, “You going to do what I say today?” And Kincade pants, “Yes, sir.” And we’re off …

Watch Kincade Worshipping Every Inch of his Daddy

matt stevens and cameron kincade

I had no idea that we were going to be in for a long foot worship session. So I was pleasantly surprised. I love men’s bare feet and don’t see enough of them in gay porn; in fact, I think they’re one of the most under utilized body parts in porn. But what really got me revved up is that Matt Stevens really knows how to give a guy what he really wants.

Stevens told me on Twitter, “This boy was into feet, I didn’t mind as I can just kick back and give him what he wants.” Initially Kincade just worships Stevens’ feet: rubbing them, licking the soles, rubbing his face all over them, and sucking Matt’s toes. But then Matt tells Kincade to pull out his cock, and while Cameron lies on the floor and licks one foot, Matt uses his other foot to play with the boy’s stiff cock. Stevens isn’t just sitting there getting his feet worshipped, he gives his partner exactly what he wants.

But I think the biggest thing that turned me on here is that Matt Stevens has big, masculine feet and he takes care of them. They were clean, no nasty callouses ringing his heels, and his toes were a little hairy. You’ve got to love a man who takes care of his feet; there’s nothing worse than seeing a man, especially in a porn video, with ugly, dry, calloused, dirty feet.

matt stevens and cameron kincade

The other thing I really loved about this scene is that it felt completely natural. Stevens wasn’t over the top grunting “Yeah, suck daddy’s dick” over and over. When he dirty talked, it was soft, but firm. His soft growling directions to Kincade were punctuation for a hot session, they weren’t the main event.

And likewise with Kincade, from the opening moments when Matt was teasingly kissing him, and withholding kisses, you can see Cameron’s breathing quickening and he’s getting hornier by the second. Stevens told me, “He was actually really fun to work with. Totally just a real dude with no attitude.” And it really shows. These two men had great chemistry together.

There was lots of dick sucking back and forth, the foot worship was hot, and then Stevens screwed this daddy lover’s ass until he spunked all over himself. And Stevens gave his boy a final reward, straddling him and unloading his nuts with a really big load of spunk — Matt’s a volume cummer. A very hot scene that’s worth spending you time watching.

Sexy Men. Hot Chemistry. What a Turn-on! Watch it

Steven Ponce Services Bank Manager Lance Hart for a Car Loan

lance hart giving steven ponce blowjob

lance hart and steven ponce

I just heard Steven Ponce speaking in this new video and now I think he’s hotter than ever. Ponce bills himself as “the only red hair Puerto Rican porn star” and in this video from Men Over 30 we get to hear his sexy Puerto Rican accent, and it is hot. You either like ginger men or you don’t. But I’m generally pretty fond them. The lighting in this video makes Ponce look almost blond, be he has rusty red hair and a fiery red beard and pubes, and his legs are furry and freckled. Man, I love his legs.

Steven Ponce is trying to get a car load from Lance Hart, but the bank manager tells him that his credit sucks. Ponce pleads. It’s the old “there’s got to be something I can do” porn manoeuvre. Through the glass desk, Ponce sees this executive rubbing his crotch, “Well, I’ll tell you what, you do something for me and I’ll do something for you.” And Hart is in for a treat because Ponce has beautiful lips and he knows how to suck dick. Ponce also has a sexy butt and he loves getting fucked.

But the cum-shot sequence really got me pretty revved up. After getting his ass drilled, Ponce lies back on the floor and Hart sits on his face and eats his hole and licks his balls — man, what a way to blow your wad. Hart takes a long time to cum, but he’s got a really interesting jack-off technique and I couldn’t stop watching him. He runs his fist up the length of his hard dick; then on the down stroke, when his hand passes his cock head, he pauses, then twists his fist; then slides his hand back down his shaft. His nuts are pulled very tight, they’re really not even balls at this point, and he finally unloads all over Ponce’s hairy chest. But Ponce jacks his dick to a spectacular 12-pump finish — that’s right, his meat squirts out 12 bursts of jizz and his furry belly is completely covered in spunk.

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lance hart and steven ponce

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