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Hairy Daddies Allen Silver and Adam Russo Flip Flop in Hotel Hook-up

allen silver and adam russo

Can you imagine walking into a hotel room to find grey-haired daddy Allen Silver lying on the bed? That’s exactly what happens to Adam Russo is this Hot Older Male video. The two men have arranged a hook-up and Russo knocks on the door, then lets himself in, just as he was instructed. Allen’s handsome, bearded face greets Adam from ...

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Dirty-Talking Daddy Rex Silver

daddy rex silver in baseball cap

If you’re into dirty talk, you’ll want to watch this daddy jacking off. Rex Silver is one of those men who says all the right things to a cocksucker to get them churning up their best tongue tricks. Spending some time on my knees with this dirty talker would be a hot session indeed.  There’s a reason is baseball cap ...

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Leather Daddy Jake Marshall

jake marshall

I loved Jake Marshall the first time I saw him. I think Hot Older Male was where I discovered him and posted some of his pictures here in Silver Daddy Jake Marshall. He’s got a deliciously meaty cock and he loves fucking ass. He’s never in a hurry and I’d bottom for this sexy man in a heartbeat — he ...

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Daddy Jeff Grove is the King of Dirty Talk

older man sucking grey-haired man's cock

No bullshit. Grey-haired daddy Jeff Grove is the best dirty talker in the business. He’s in a new scene over at Mature Gay Movies and the way he’s running his filthy mouth, well, you could blow your wad listening the sound track alone. Grove has a fat dick and he loves fucking ass. I’m going to keep this short because ...

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Daddies Come Out

jake marshall sucking mickey collins cock

Jake Marshall and Mickey Collins are both gay — you’ve probably seen them around a number of gay porn sites — but in this new scene from Mature Gay Movies, they’re playing a couple of old friends who reunite for a buddy’s wedding. Jake comes over to Mickey’s hotel room and they catch up, remembering fun times they had chasing ...

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Passionate Daddy Fuck with Jake Marshall & Bo Bangor

jake marshall and bo bangor

November in Toronto is cold and rainy, but silver fox Jake Marshall sure heated up my morning when he and Bo Bangor landed in my e-mail box. Since I was a young lad coming out of the closet, I had a think for older men. I was a product of a not-so-great father, so I guess I was working through ...

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Allen Silver & Ale Tedesco Flip Flop Fucking

allen silver and ale tedesco

Grey-haired daddy Allen Silver is stalking Ale Tedesco. The hairy Italian man walks by Silver’s home every day on his way home from the gym and Allen has been keeping a journal and noting the times Ale passes by. It’s been two weeks and today Allen is going to make his move. Allen Silver has been one of my long-time ...

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Silver Daddy Jake Marshall

handsome hairy daddy jake marshall

I got pretty charged up seeing Jake Marshall this morning. He’s a sexy, silver-haired daddy, handsome with a full beard, hairy body, and a stiff dick. I posted about him a few weeks back when he fucked the ass off bald muscle hunk Marco Rios. It was one of the hottest scenes I’ve watched at Butch Dixon all year, and ...

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Jake Marshall Fucks Marco Rios

jake marshall and marco rios kissing

The only thing hotter than hairy men are wet hairy men. Silver Daddy Jake Marshall and furry bald hunk Marco Rios get hot and heavy under and outdoor shower over at Butch Dixon. They start off with lots of passionate kissing, then take turns down on their knees trading blowjobs under the spray. Marhsall has a hairy back and seeing ...

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Kiss Me, Boy, Kiss Daddy

rex silver sucking chase young's cock

What a hot fucking scene! If you like daddy-boy sex, you’ll want to check this one out. Grey-haired daddy Rex Silver and young lad Chase Young start this Jake Cruise video off fully clothed and they’re kissing passionately. With his hand griping Young’s ass, Rex grunts, “Kiss me boy. Kiss daddy.” And this is just what Young wants to here. ...

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Grey-Haired Daddy Jeff Groves and Christian Matthews

jeff groves getting outdoor blowjob from christian powers

When I first saw Jeff Grove in a gay porn video a couple of months back, I had wet dreams about this grey-haired daddy for days. What a sexy fucker! And it seems that a lot of Joe Spunk readers liked him, too, because his post Silver Daddies Barebacking is one of the all-time, most popular posts here. So fans ...

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Christopher Daniels Fucks With Real-Life Lovers Allen Silver & Will Swagger silver, will swagger and christopher daniels

This scene from High Performance Men is called Neapolitan. You’ve heard of the ice cream flavour — vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry — so grey-haired daddy Allen Silver is the vanilla, Will Swagger is the chocolate, and blond Christopher Daniels is the strawberry. Three sexy shades of men brought together for on e hot fuck scene. I’ve had a thing for ...

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Coach Austin Raw Fucking Drew Sumrok

coach austin fucking drew sumrok

If I had hair on my head, I’d love a big burly daddy like Coach Austin grabbing a fistful while he drove his big, hard cock into my hungry ass. Even without the hairy pulling, Coach Austin is so my type of man — balding with grey hair, handlebar moustache, furry body, a strong body, and a big dick. I ...

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Silver Daddies Barebacking – Butch Dixon

josh ford rimming jeff grove's ass

A couple of weeks ago, with no fanfare, Butch Dixon released their first bareback sex video. I didn’t blog about it because I’ve seen the odd raw fucking video pop up on lots of gay porn sites, then after blazing a headline “Butch Dixon Goes Bareback!” I’m red-faced when it turns out to be a one-shot deal, pardon the pun. ...

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Hot Daddies Fucking

brent cage sucking sundance radcliffe's cock

If you’ve never been to San Francisco, now might be the time to head there, especially if you’ve got a chance of running into this silver-haired daddy. Brent Cage is 48 years old, stands 5’9″, and weighs a solid 210 pounds. And if you like grey-haired men, you’re going to love Brent; not only is his hair silver, but his ...

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