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Eddie is Sean Cody’s Furry Friday Surprise

furry guy eddie

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a stud this furry over at Sean Cody. Chuck was the last back in December, but he was blond and so was his body hair, so he almost doesn’t count. But Eddie is covered in dark hair. I love the thick bush under his arms and his legs and butt drive me nuts. ...

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Bearded Daddy Victor West

victor west

Two years ago, Victor West took his clothes off for Hot Older Male and went back home to Tulsa, Oklahoma. He didn’t even film a jack-off video. I was disappointed because he’s one gorgeous hunk of man. And what a beard! It’s so dark and thick. You can see more of Victor and his trimmed down beard here at Joe Spunk ...

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Dirty-Talking Daddy Rex Silver

daddy rex silver in baseball cap

If you’re into dirty talk, you’ll want to watch this daddy jacking off. Rex Silver is one of those men who says all the right things to a cocksucker to get them churning up their best tongue tricks. Spending some time on my knees with this dirty talker would be a hot session indeed.  There’s a reason is baseball cap ...

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Brad Kalvo Debuts at Hot Older Male

brad kalvo flexing his arms

Brad Kalvo is making his first appearance at Hot Older Male. It’s about time, the sexy hunk has filmed for just about everyone else. He’s a good-looking, bearded man, 48 years old, and weighing a very solid 250 pounds. And as you’ll see in the gallery below, he’s packing a nice piece of meat between his legs. See Brad Kalvo ...

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Daddy Sean Travis Loves Bottoming for Muscle Tops

sean travis

Bearded daddy Sean Travis loves giving his hole to a muscle top and let him bang away until his nuts are ready to unload. And if you like hairy men, you want to send Sean an email on his bio page over at Hot Older Male. He’s wearing a full, salt ‘n pepper beard; a furry chest, back, and butt, ...

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Sebastian Needs A Gay Friend to Help Him With Manscaping


Poor Sebastian here must not have any gay friends because he sure doesn’t know how to manscape. Look at the swath of bare skin around his cock and trimmed bush. What is that? A moat? Oh well, I give him credit for wanting to keep things neat and tidy, even if he did go overboard. And he’s cute with an ...

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Bearded Airman Vince & His Beautiful Uncut Dick

bearded hairy man holding fat foreskin cock

Vince is one of those men who definitely looks way hotter on video. Sometimes a man’s sexiness just doesn’t come through in photos (these are far too yellow), and sometimes pictures don’t do enough justice to a man’s dick. This handsome bearded airman really springs to life and shines in his video. He’s confident, speaks well, and has a nice ...

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Big-Bellied Bear Unloading His Nuts Poolside

ben chatham naked outside

The hot tub at this Palm Springs hotel sure did see a lot use by the men from Bear Films over Bear Weekend. So far I’ve seen a duo, a threeway, and now big-bellied, young bear Ben Chatham is having a soak. He’s relaxing and waiting for the sun to go down, he wants to sit back in one of ...

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Handsome Italian Hunk Alex Marte Debuts at Butch Dixon


We used to see a lot more of handsome, Italian hunk Alex Marte. I’m not sure what he’s been doing, but I’m sure glad that he’s back. There’s just so much to love about him — his black beard and plump, kissable lips; his beefy arms and furry torso; and of course, his thick uncut cock and huge, round butt. ...

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Beautiful Hunk Dominic Santos Can Suck His Own Cock

dominic santos sucking his own cock

Dominic Santos has everything a guy needs to suck his own cock: a lean body, flexibility, and a big dick. This sexy stud is half black and half Italian and he’s simply gorgeous. I don’t really care that he can blow himself, I’m quite capable of doing that. What gets me cranked up is the whole package — he handsome ...

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Sexy Colombian Cub Leonardo & His Delicious Uncut Cock

guys tugging on his foreskin

Fantastic Foreskin really outdid themselves when they invited Leonardo into the studio to show off his cock and play with his hood. He’s a sexy Colombia guy, a handsome cub with a thick, furry body. I love his broad chest. He’s got one of those surprising cocks, a thick stump that grows and grows. He stretches and tugs his hood, ...

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Beefy Daddy Brock Hart

brock hard showing hairy armpits

Beefy Brock Hart is one of those daddies who pops up from time to time. He’s not really a porn regular, but a couple of times a year he seems to get the urge to make a video. Hart is 45 years old, a furry daddy who stands 6’5″ and weighs in a 270 pounds. He’s got an ongoing orgy ...

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Kris Irons, I Want To Be Your Prison Bitch!

kris irons

There’s a lot to love about gay porn newcomer Kris Irons, but what turns me on most of about this man is that he revs me up in different ways. In some pictures he looks like he’d be good to cuddle, spending a rainy, Sunday afternoon romping in bed; in others, he makes me fantasize that I just landed in ...

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