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peter rough

“Damn, This Jock Smells Good.”

Do you like the smell of your own stink? Peter Rough sure does. He’s just home from the gym and he’s horny — pumping iron always gets him revved up. He peels off his clothes and lingers in his jockstrap, rubbing his bulbous crotch. He finally slides the sweaty jock down his legs and stuffs his nose in it and ...

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jack sullivan

Bearded Daddy Jack Sullivan

Have you ever wondered if a pierced cock shoots cum out of both holes? Here’s you chance to find out. Bearded daddy Jack Sullivan has a Prince Albert, but he’s not wearing a ring in this jack-off video at Hot Older Male. And indeed, jizz spurts out of his piss slit and falls on his pubes, and at the same ...

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bearded daddy sniffy his jockstrap

Bearded Daddy Snorting His Jockstrap

Noah Post pulls his jockstrap fresh out of the dryer — it’s still warm — and he heads to his bedroom for a wank. Funnily enough, the smell of clean men’s clothing gets him horny, but this jockstrap isn’t going to be clean for long. Daddy Noah rubs his jockstrap all over his body, rubbing his scent into the waffled ...

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mitch davis

Daddy Mitch Davis Gets Naked Outdoors

If your fantasies involve Jonathan Frakes from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” then Mitch Davis at Hot Older Male might get you revved up. I definitely see a resemblance. Davis is a 51-year-old, leather daddy, and he’s tall standing 6’4″ and weighing 250 pounds. He’s got frosty blue eyes, a sexy goatee with grey flecks, and he flashes a sweet ...

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daddy rex silver in baseball cap

Dirty-Talking Daddy Rex Silver

If you’re into dirty talk, you’ll want to watch this daddy jacking off. Rex Silver is one of those men who says all the right things to a cocksucker to get them churning up their best tongue tricks. Spending some time on my knees with this dirty talker would be a hot session indeed.  There’s a reason is baseball cap ...

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My Ongoing Crush With Sexy Daddy Sailor

I have a bit of a crush on Sailor. Alright, “bit” is a lie, I’d walk on glass to suck this daddy’s cock. He’s one seriously hot hunk of man. I love everything about him — his bald head and scruffy face, his beefy body, and his fat dick. Even better than all that, I get weak in the knees ...

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jake marshall

Leather Daddy Jake Marshall

I loved Jake Marshall the first time I saw him. I think Hot Older Male was where I discovered him and posted some of his pictures here in Silver Daddy Jake Marshall. He’s got a deliciously meaty cock and he loves fucking ass. He’s never in a hurry and I’d bottom for this sexy man in a heartbeat — he ...

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handsome hairy daddy jake marshall

Silver Daddy Jake Marshall

I got pretty charged up seeing Jake Marshall this morning. He’s a sexy, silver-haired daddy, handsome with a full beard, hairy body, and a stiff dick. I posted about him a few weeks back when he fucked the ass off bald muscle hunk Marco Rios. It was one of the hottest scenes I’ve watched at Butch Dixon all year, and ...

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muscle daddy naked on his bed

Muscle Daddy Mickey Collins

It’s been a good day, I’ve been finding a lot of hot men to bring you. Mickey Collins is a sexy, muscle daddy from Ft. Lauderdale. And good grief! Can you imagine having this hulking mass of muscle pounding into your ass? Mickey is 55 years old and he’s 5’10” and weighs a very solid 195 pounds. Ruggedly handsome with ...

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jeff grove holding his fat cock

Jeff Grove – Butch Dixon Men

My first exposure to grey-haired daddy Jeff Grove was a couple of months back when he appeared in a massage table fuck scene over at Butch Dixon with Josh Ford and I blogged about it here under Silver Daddies Barebacking. (You can watch a free video in that post.) I think it was actually Butch Dixon‘s first official bareback sex ...

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naked hairy grey-haired daddy in black boots

Sexy Silver Daddy – Jake Shores

Jake Shores is a rugged daddy with a full, silver beard who shows that even at 64 years of age, a man can still be sexy as ever. He’s sporting a tan from the Ft. Lauderdale sun, he’s packing a bit of a gut, and he’s got a hairy back. And he’s not shy about letting men know that he ...

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Trevor Belfast – Sexy Bald Top Man

Trevor Belfast is a sexy, bald top man with a chest full of salt ‘n pepper hair. He’s a handsome man with a grey goatee and beautiful green eyes. He’s the kind of hairy man you like to have lie back on your couch while you service his meat. This hot daddy is 45 years old and he’s a tall ...

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Hairy Bald Man & His Meaty Cock – Tim Phillips

You’ll find Tim Phillips walking around the streets of San Francisco, and you’d be lucky to stumble upon this sexy bald man. By the looks of his beard, he might have been a ginger man in the days when he had hair. He’s a bit of a brute in the looks department, but he’s really on the shy side. At ...

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Muscle Daddy Bear – Blade Hunter

It’s hot man week at Hot Older Male and Pantheon Bear. I just posted Pantheon Bear’s latest sexy bald man Victor West, and what a hot hunk of man. Then I headed over to Hot Older Male and saw this muscle daddy bear Blade Hunter staring back at me. And now I’m not sure which man I like better. But ...

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Cock-Hungry Bottom Daddy Bear – Hot Older Male

Derik Strong is another bull daddy who likes getting his ass drilled by younger guys. He’s 57 years old, stands 5’10”, and weighs a solid 220 pounds. And like all the men at Hot Older Male, he can be contacted through his profile on the website. Derik is a cock-hungry bottom bear who loves getting his ass fucked. I’m going ...

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